Update: Due to COVID19 and with the health and safety of our guests in mind, we have made the difficult decision to postpone our wedding. We hope to celebrate with you all next August!

Samantha & Jake

August 21, 2021Chicago, IL

Our Story
Girl Meets Boy

Jake and Sam met early in their freshman year of college at the University of Illinois. They were both taking ECON103 in Foellinger Auditorium. One day in class, Sam was sitting in a short row when Jake walked in and sat just a few seats away. Jake was wearing flip flops, huge over-the-ear headphones, and a tie-dye Bonnaroo t-shirt. Sam spent the entire class trying to figure out how she knew this weirdo (spoiler: she didn't). Fast forward a few weeks where Sam recognized Jake at a fraternity/sorority event and decided to say hello.
(Fine print: Jake also recognized Sam as "the creepy girl who stared at him all class.")

Boy Asks Girl Out

After a few months of dancing at the Red Lion and studying at the UGL (Note: Sam actually tutored Jake in Calculus!), Jake felt it was time to make the relationship official. On November 18, 2011, the day before Thanksgiving break, Jake told Sam to start calling him her boyfriend. About one month later, they celebrated their first official date at none other than Texas Roadhouse.

Boy Proposes to Girl

Flash forward 7 years - Jake and Sam just moved into their new condo in Wicker Park (Jake says East Village) together. Sam was traveling to Dallas for work and flew home September 27, 2018. Jake had been texting her the whole Uber from O'Hare asking when she would be home, and frankly, was starting to get on Sam's nerves. When the Uber dropped Sam off on their street, she could see purple balloons through the windows of the condo. "That's weird," Sam thought, "why would Jake buy himself purple balloons for his birthday?" (His birthday is the 25th.) She walked up the stairs and as she unlocked the door, she got a feeling. She opened the door and Jake was standing there, all dressed up in slacks and a dress shirt, and the condo decorated with balloons, streamers, candles and flowers. The song "Say You Won't Let Go" by James Arthur was playing - the song Sam had always said they would dance to at their wedding. Sam walked in, Jake got down on one knee and (essentially) told Sam she could now start calling him her FIANCÉ. The only answer was YES!

The Wedding

Saturday, August 21, 2021
6:30 PM
Attire: Black tie optional
The Blackstone, Autograph Collection
636 South Michigan Avenue, Lobby Entrance On, E Balbo Dr, Chicago, IL 60605, USA
The Blackstone, Autograph Collection
636 South Michigan Avenue, Lobby Entrance On, E Balbo Dr, Chicago, IL 60605, USA, United States
Wedding Party

Olivia Metsa - Maid of Honor
Emily Jones - Bridesmaid
Karly Kolber - Bridesmaid
Carly Gordon - Bridesmaid
Casey Kozak - Bridesmaid
Shelby Rose Lewis - Bridesmaid
Kendra Gargas - Bridesmaid
Jesse Scheinbart - Best Man
Zack Metsa - Groomsman
Michael Ceruolo - Groomsman
Chris Smith - Groomsman
Ben Kiesler - Groomsman
Evan Kurland - Groomsman
Jake Howard - Groomsman