Our Story
Sam's Side

We met inside Memorial Hall on the University of Kentucky campus. It was 2009 and I was off to college, but not before orientation. Pat asked to sit beside me, and we clicked instantly. We talked and laughed and joked together like we had known each other forever.

When we parted ways to take tours of our colleges, we kept seeing each other throughout the day. I mean, everywhere. Eventually he got my phone number and asked me on a date. He took me to an Old Crow Medicine Show concert at Waterfront Park in Louisville. It was laid back and casual, and right away I knew he was special. I knew that when he put his arm around me, I fit to his side and it felt like we had been together for years. And ultimately I knew I wanted to see him again.

Fast forward a few months, and we're cozily nestled into our dorms and slowly acclimating to life in college. And against all odds, we blossomed from awkward teenagers into young adults. We grew as our own people right alongside each other. We suffered growing pains, we celebrated wins, we worked through our losses, we triumphed over obstacles and most importantly, we supported each other through every feat and every setback.

Ater school I whisked him away to Nashville, and we were happy. And in 2015 I retuned the favor. We moved to Knoxville for his job, and it was a bit of an adjustment at first, but just like it seems to do sometimes, life fell into place!

And finally, in July 2016 he proposed. He brought me back to Memorial Hall where we first met, and he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. I'm so excited to call him my husband after 7+ years of knowing he was the one!

Pat's Side

I went into Memorial Hall as an 18 year old full of excitement to get college started and go on to the next step of my life. Little did I know when I strategically sat down next to the prettiest girl in the room that I was meeting my future. Of course we talked right away and hit it off, but it was college and who knew if I would see her again? We ran into each other multiple times throughout that day and even when it was over we saw each other pulling out of Lexington.

I knew I had to see her again so I took her to a concert in Louisville, one of many we would go to throughout the years. It became obvious throughout the night that we were great together. Through ups and downs, distances and moves, new jobs and opportunities, we have stuck by each other's sides and I had never been happier than my time with her.

I knew almost instantly that I wanted to move forward with this girl. We moved twice together and found ourselves in Knoxville. I couldn't wait to take her back to the bluegrass state, memorial hall to be exact, and ask her to spend the rest of our lives together, right where we began our college careers and where I fell in love.

The Wedding

Saturday, September 23, 2017
5:00 PM
Attire: Traditional Wedding Attire
Ceremony and Reception
Berry Hill Mansion
700 Louisville Rd, Frankfort, KY 40601, USA

Catering will be provided by Lyles BBQ Company. Please specify if you have any dietary restrictions. Vegetarian options will be available!

Wedding Party

Emily Strobel - Maid of Honor
Megan Heuer - Matron of Honor
Meredith Ford - Bridesmaid
Elizabeth Hocker - Bridesmaid
Abby Humphrey - Bridesmaid
Meg Garttman - Bridesmaid
Brianna Corum - Bridesmaid
Jackson Osborne - Best Man
Alex Solnick - Groomsman
Matt Rollins - Groomsman
Tristan Santor - Groomsman
Britt Craddock - Groomsman
John Pelosi - Groomsman
Christopher Clarkson - Groomsman