Our Story
What a Decade

Sarah laughed at Elliot's jokes on her 17th birthday at an improv show. He had dreads and was making the whole audience laugh, what should be noted was he was part of the audience not the improv team. A few weeks later, was Sarah's prom which she went to with another boy. Her neighbor, Lorin, whom she somewhat forced to go to Prom brought Elliot. We had dinner at eggspectation and Elliot sat across from Sarah. Elliot continued his jokes all through dinner and made it a fun evening. Sarah danced at Prom, and saw Elliot looking at her throughout the night.

During that summer, Sarah told her neighbor that she liked the dreaded boy with the motorcycle. Lorin set up a date because she also knew that Elliot was intrigued with Sarah. We went on a few dates around town, ate freeze dried ice cream, watched movies, and went on lots of swings. A few weeks later, Elliot asked Sarah "to go out?" and Sarah thought he meant outside and told him "No." The beautiful miscommunication has forever been a joke since.

Elliot spoiled Sarah, and terrified her with an "I love you" poster a month in. Elliot was there when Sarah worked on her college portfolio, got acceptance letters, and injured herself all the time in gymnastics. Meanwhile, Sarah got to experience tons of plays- some of which Elliot was part of, and when he got his acceptance letter. Soon, Sarah would go to a college 9 hours away and Elliot would go to VCU. Sarah told Elliot to break up with her, but he would not do it. So they both had their first long distance relationship.

Sarah did not want to worry her mum, so she called Elliot when she was homesick. He came to visit Sarah in a blizzard, and Sarah got to see the beauty of Richmond with her best friend. Sarah got into VCU as a transfer and moved to Richmond with her friend, Alysha. They lived in an adorable apartment infested with roaches and weird creepy crawlers.

Elliot and Sarah rode their bikes to each others homes, and Elliot always would bike Sarah back when it was dark. Sarah would quiz Elliot on German, and Elliot would come help Sarah print out things in the middle of the night for school. Elliot saved a cat in a bowling alley, and Sarah helped him make her comfortable. Many of you know her as Oreo. When Sarah graduated, she moved in with Elliot and his 3 other roommates. Sarah met a boy cat that her friend Alejandro found, and Elliot let her bring him home with fleas. Many of you know him as Pistachio. Sarah tried a job in NOVA, and hated it. Soon after, she got a job in NYC.

Elliot graduated college, and said he was moving with her. He took his savings and put a deposit down on their first apartment together. Sarah and Elliot lived on a 4 story walk up for a year. They lost their beloved Oreo, and brought home their little gal, Domino. Money was hard in NYC, and they lived paycheck to paycheck. Finally, Sarah told Elliot how horrible her job was after a bit of denial and they figured out a new plan to move.

They moved back to their all time favorite place, Richmond, Va. They moved into the home Elliot had bought at age 21, but without roommates. They found new jobs, and started doing things they always wanted to do- make custom tables, paint, home remodel, take a trip overseas, go out to eat whenever they please, and be able to spend time with one another.

Their story is coming to a decade old in July, and they have had their fair share of ups and downs; however, their love has always shown through. Sarah has a hard time not telling Elliot everything and anything. She cannot believe she gets the chance to spend the rest of her life with a man who puts her first and believes in her.

The Wedding

Sunday, April 29, 2018
4:00 PM
Lewis Ginter Recreation Association
3421 Hawthorne Ave, Richmond, VA 23222, USA
Lewis Ginter Recreation Association
3421 Hawthorne Ave, Richmond, VA 23222, USA