For the safety of our loved ones, we have decided to move our wedding date from May 31st, 2020 to June 28th, 2020. It will be at 5:00PM at the Cotton Gin at Mill Creek. 1817 Hiram-Douglasville Highway Hiram, GA 30141 with a reception to follow.

Sarah & Chase

June 28, 2020Hiram, GA

Our Story
A Guy and a Doll

Hey, Sarah here. Chase is sitting beside me right now, helping me write this. Chase says, "it's true, I'm definitely not being held against my will," while I roll my eyes. Anyhoo, here's how we fell in love. Chase and I met the August of 2015 at Reinhardt University in north Georgia. We were both Musical Theatre majors. I was a junior and he was a freshman (scandalous, I know). That summer I declared "I was no longer looking for a man," and isn't it funny how life works haha. Chase says "I was not looking for anyone at this point, I just wanted to focus on school." God brought the two of us together when we were least expecting it. By the time the fall musical hit, Guys and Dolls (see, that's where the title comes in), we were definitely crushing pretty hard on each other. Chase asked to borrow my copy of the play, Dancing at Lughnasa, because we were doing it that winter even though he had his very own copy, and he would sit and read it in my dressing room. I am always the last one out of the dressing room, and he would come help me clean up my costumes and walk me to my car (I know, what a gentleman). Right before second act, every night, he would find me back stage and we would slow dance (haha people were starting to notice us). Chase says "I was looking for any excuse to spend time with you." By Christmas break we went on our first date to the Georgia Aquarium. After a slow burn (on my part, commitment is scary!) that lasted six months, we finally were Facebook official (wow so official haha)! Although, we do count our dating anniversary as the day of our first date, December 23, 2015. Fast forward three years; three years full of beach trips, holidays, me graduating college, long distance, getting a cat, new cooking experiences, booking our first professional theatre jobs, new arguments, challenging circumstances, learning to be adults, and at the end of it loving each other even more than we ever thought possible. The day is February 17, 2019. Chase and I had been talking about engagement for a while. We started talking about it in June of 2016 when we were sitting on a hill overlooking a river in Chase's hometown, Rome, GA, watching the sun set, and I asked him "do you want to marry me, someday?" He simply said yes as we held each other watching the sun slowly go down. Back to February 17th! I had been suspecting engagement happening soon when Chase took me to get my nails done. However, we are very traditional, so he needed to ask my dad for my hand in marriage, which he did in December of the previous year; however, he told my dad to keep mentioning how Chase hadn't asked me yet which threw me off. Chase also kept throwing little curve balls at me like telling me how we were going to go on a super important date to the Georgia Aquarium in March. I was definitely thrown off. Chase says, "she even saw a text message from Brandon, her brother, about picking up the ring, but I lied and said that I was picking up a picnic basket." So the morning of the engagement, Chase made me breakfast, and we went rock climbing at an indoor rock climbing arena. I got very suspicious when Chase would check my finger nails to make sure they were OK after I would climb a wall. We had a blast and went back to his place to get ready for the night portion of the date. We had already made plans to go see Ever After at the Alliance Theatre for Valentine's Day, so we had an excuse to look pretty. He had already told me he was cooking me a picnic dinner (see, that's where the picnic basket comes in. Good lie, right?). As he was cooking, I was talking with Brandon, my brother, catching up on life; not knowing that they were about to photograph our engagement. I got dolled up, I picked out a very nervous Chase's outfit, and we left. He wouldn't tell me where we were going, he just said it would take about an hour to get there. We listened to Sara Bareilles' Waitress on the way down (that will come back around). We ended up at Piedmont Park in Atlanta. It was raining softly, it was dusk. We walked making very superficial small talk. We were nervous, I was trying to take in everything, taking little mental pictures of everything that surrounded us: the way that Chase's hand felt in mine, the way the street lights were blurry in the fog. So side note, Chase and I love dancing in gazebos. Every time we see a gazebo, we must dance in it. So guess what we landed upon, you guessed it, a gazebo. Chase says, "this was not according to plan, and we were supposed to end up at the gazebo much later which led to a lot of panicking by me and Sarah's brother and sister-in-law, Brandon and Rachael." This gazebo was covered in roses, in which Chase told me must be left over from someone else (WHICH I BELIEVED BECAUSE I'M A FOOL). We ate his delicious dinner, and looked over a misty lake. After we were done eating, he asked me to dance and he turned on You Matter to Me from Waitress (see, there it is). We slowly danced, and by the end of the song he was down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I obviously said yes. We both were crying. I turned around and Brandon and Rachael were standing there, and had captured the entire thing on camera. Next thing I know, we were engaged and on our way to The Alliance to see the show. I show up, and all of my family and close friends were there. Chase got me and him box seats reserved for just us. After the show we went to my favorite restaurant, Cafe Intermezzo, and drank champagne, recounting the night to our family and friends. It was truly magical. I cannot wait to become Sarah Brackett, marry the love of my life, and spend the rest of our lives together.

The Wedding

Sunday, June 28, 2020
5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Attire: Sunday Best
Ceremony and Reception
The Cotton Gin at Mill Creek
Atlanta, GA 30141, USA
Wedding Party

Rachael Williams - Matron of Honor
Hannah Craton - Bridesmaid
Halley Tiefert - Bridesmaid
Emily Richardson - Bridesmaid
Amanda Stansfield - Bridesmaid
Jessi Miller - Bridesmaid
Morgan Harwood - Bridesmaid
Joshua Baldwin - Best Man
Evan Brackett - Groomsman
Isaac Brackett - Groomsman
Brandon Williams - Groomsman
Cameron Smith - Groomsman
James Cuhna - Groomsman
Gage Nesbitt - Groomsman