Our Story
A Witness to God's Goodness

Molly Boland and Sean Van Gieson were both raised by very loving, Catholic parents who gave them their beautiful faith. It is through this inspiration that Molly and Sean both decided to study Theology at The Catholic University of America.

Molly and Sean developed a special admiration for each other as early as freshman year but it wasn't until junior year that their friendship and eventual relationship was deepened. It was clear from the start that this bond was transcendent, and Molly and Sean soon became inseparable. Sean easily became the most important person in Molly's life, and she knew she never wanted to spend a day without him. Faith and family played a central role in their relationship, and attending family events together, daily and Sunday Mass together, and practicing cornhole quickly became staple parts of their lives. Through Molly's grace and Sean's competitive fire, the two knew they were a dynamic couple as they won the Mayer Family Cornhole Championship. Winning the championship is a great example of how Molly and Sean operate. They strive to better one another in every aspect of life. It is with this confidence that Sean knew Molly is most definitely the person he is called to marry.

On July 30, 2016, Sean took Molly on a walk on the beaches of Ocean City that concluded at the Van Gieson family photo. It was there--in the presence of both families--that Sean knelt down and asked Molly to spend their lives together. Overjoyed to be preparing for this lifelong journey together, Molly and Sean would be delighted for you to join them on February 25 as they enter into the Sacrament of Marriage. Thank you for your support and prayers during this time of preparation!

The Wedding

Saturday, February 25, 2017
4:00 PM
Attire: Semi-formal
St. Francis de Sales Chapel at Mount De Sales Academy
700 Academy Rd, Catonsville, MD 21228, USA
Preston Hall
25 W Preston St, Baltimore, MD 21201, USA

Please join us as we enter into this beautiful sacrament.

Wedding Party

Bryan Van Gieson - Best Man

Bryan, a brother of the groom, is currently a senior at Salisbury University and majoring in Environmental Science. Bryan is known for his uncanny wit, phenomenal sense of humor, compassion for others, hardworking nature, and dedication to his family. His close relationship with his brothers, Sean and Mickey, has been forged over the years by many rivalries in the athletic realm, early morning commutes to school, inside jokes at the dinner table, and an inherit bond of brotherhood. Bryan has always, and will always be a great best man!

Mickey Van Gieson - Groomsman

Mickey, a brother of the groom, is currently in his freshman year at Salisbury University and majoring in Early Childhood Education and a member of the Salisbury track team. Mickey is known for doing weird things with his body, his freakish athletic talent, his amazing ability to relate to anyone at any stage in life, and his family-first attitude. His close bond with his brother's, Sean and Bryan, has been deepened through battles on the athletic fields, hilarious story telling on Mickey's behalf, and a mature faith life that inspires others. Through his faith in Jesus Christ, Mickey helps bring the Light to the darkness (Jn 1:5). Mickey is an amazing person that I am lucky enough to call my brother.

Conor Wilson - Groomsman

Conor, a best friend of the groom, recently graduated from The Catholic University of America with his degree in Psychology. Conor is known for his brilliant sense of humor, deep investment in each person that he befriends, making others around him better, always being late, and for getting in arguments with our best friend Jean Lee. Conor and my friendship was formed through many late night pillow talks, our annual Halloweek movie tradition, three-years of being RAs together, and many competitive basketball games. Conor is a truly great person, an even better friend, and a proud member of "The Drinking Class" along with the groom, and fellow groomsman James.

Paul Rowedder - Groomsman

Paul, a cousin of the groom, is a recent graduate from University of Maryland-College Park where he received his degree in Economics. Paul is known for his amazing wit, pure sense of humor, dedication to his family (and Lizzie), and his elite cornhole ability. Paul's friends and family are aware of his incredible ability to make others laugh . Paul and my close friendship has been formed through that laughter at cousin sleepovers, Wheaton Woods swim team shenanigans, youth group, an intense fandom for Maryland area sports teams, and recently, a dynamic cornhole partnership that currently ranks us 8th in the state of Maryland. I am lucky enough to call Paul my cousin and a great cornhole partner.

Lucas Matheson - Groomsman

Lucas, a best friend of the groom, is a recent graduate of The Catholic University of America and current student at Williams College where he intends to receive his Masters in Art History. Lucas is known for his amazing intellectual mind and passion to learn, his scholarly word choice in conversation, phenomenal story-telling ability, and his strong commitment to whatever he focuses on. Lucas and my close friendship developed over three years of working together as Resident Assistants at CUA and a summer spent as roommates at the Van Gieson household. Our friendship is built around a common love for Lebron James, a great appreciation for beer, and a commitment to making the world a better place. I am a better man because of Lucas.

James Luskin - Groomsman

James, a best friend of the groom, is a recent graduate of The Catholic University of America where he received a degree in Mechanical Engineering. James is known for his passionate fandom for Philadelphia area sports, his fiery word choice, speed talking, loyalty to his friends, and his beloved hair gel. James and I developed a close friendship through our common love for baseball, being RAs together for two years, our phenomenal chemistry on the basketball court, and our Spring Break trip in 2015. His humor and ability to talk faster than the speed of sound makes James great company, but his loyalty makes him an amazing friend and a proud member of "The Drinking Class" along with the groom, and fellow groomsman Conor.

Fran Rowedder - Groomsman

Fran, a cousin of the groom, is a current student at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland. Fran (perhaps the funniest member of the grooms party) is known for his hilarious sarcasm, passionate support of Maryland area teams, professional prankster, infinite knowledge of professional sports teams, and his contributions to Mayer family antics. Fran and my close bond has grown through our faithful following of Maryland basketball, cousin sleepovers, and sports games. I am lucky to be able to enjoy the laugh attacks that Fran's witty humor induces and even luckier to call him family.

John Boland - Groomsman

John, a brother of the bride, is a current Engineering student at UMBC and currently works for an engineering firm in Catonsville, MD. John is known for his wide-depth of knowledge in so many different areas, his commitment to his beautiful family (Mary, and his two children: Ana and Ada), and his adventurous drive. John has two wonderful children who are his world and the ones he devotes so much of his time too. John's approach to fatherhood is truly inspiring to others. But that comes as no suprise because that is exactly the type of family the Bolands are, inspiring. I am definitely looking forward to entering into the Boland family and adding a new brother.

James Collins - Groomsman

James, a cousin and close friend of the bride, is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland- College Park where he received his degree in Computer Science. James is known for his love for coding, amazing ability to escape without anyone noticing, a passion for cornhole, and beautiful relationship with his little brother Eddy. James and my friendship developed recently, but it is like I always knew him. You can find us trying new beers together every wednesday night, or playing cornhole at his house. No matter what we are doing, James always brings a smile to my face.

Colleen Boland Tojo Perez - Matron of Honor

The sister of the bride. Colleen resides with her husband Danny in Madrid, where she is pursuing her PhD in immigration studies. Extraordinarily caring, Colleen puts others first and goes completely out of the way for those who are dear to her (and often people who aren't, too). An excellent people person, Colleen can hold a conversation with anyone. When Colleen isn't solving world problems with her amazing intellect, she enjoys running, traveling the world, cooking, and skyping with her transatlantic family and friends. As an older sister, Colleen has been integral; as a friend, irreplaceable.

Mary Boland - Bridesmaid

The sister-in-law of the bride. Mary resides in Catonsville with John, brother of the bride (see groomsmen), and their two daughters, Anna and Ada. When she isn't using her amazing musical talents to fill several churches, Mary teaches Latin and Chemistry to high schoolers and runs her own scents and beauty products business. A model of perseverance, hard work, and grace, Mary never waivers in the face of a challenge. Molly is so glad to call her a sister and friend!

Branan Durbin - Bridesmaid

A friend of the bride, Branan recently graduated from Providence College, receiving her degree in theology and in creative writing. Branan currently works for the Archdiocese of Baltimore and is very active at St. Agnes Church. Branan and Molly (Bridget) first found friendship over their mutual love of flute playing in fifth grade. Bolstered by laughter over corny jokes and volunteering at the Little Sisters of the Poor, the two continued their friendship through high school and college, where they often can be found having life chats in the car, exploring the hidden secrets of Maryland, enjoying the community of their home parish St. Agnes, and discussing Dominican spirituality. A loyal friend, Branan is sure to be late but understandably so as she is often contemplating the universe or expanding her already large gamete of artistic pursuits.

Kaitlyn Bolesta - Bridesmaid

Kaitlyn, a friend of the bride. Kaitlyn and Molly (Bridget) met the summer before high school in a grueling math class. Though the class was rough, their quick road to friendship was not, and they have been close friends since. Bonding in countless sleep overs, speed talking, faith, and love of dance, Kaitlyn is a treasured friend who is always ready to make spur of the moment plans. A recent graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville, Kaitlyn now spends her time bringing the love of Christ and joy of living to kindergarteners at a local Catholic school. Kaitlyn's genuine love for others, compassion, and positive attitude are among many of her attributes that have helped Molly to grow in their 8+ years of friendship.

Brooke Dignan - Bridesmaid

A friend of the bride. Brooke is a recent graduate of University of Maryland College Park, where she earned her degree in kinesiology. Currently Brooke is working as a PT assistant and applying to graduate programs for Physical Therapy. Brooke and Molly (Bridget) met in their freshman orchestra class in high school and have been close friends since. Brooke is an avid sports fan ((Sailors,) Terps, Orioles, and Ravens), fiesty tennis player, and accomplished musician. Always bringing a smile and exceptional social awareness, Brooke is a wonderful friend for every adventure. Her quiet personality and exceptional wit have easily endeared her to the bride who is grateful for their life long friendship.

Sarah McKinnon - Bridesmaid

Sarah, a friend of the bride. A recent graduate of McDaniel College, Sarah now works as a pre-school teacher at a local school and is engaged to Isaac Lambert. Molly (Bridget) and Sarah met in high school at Mount de Sales after numerous individuals mistaking them for the other. Through the years, they have found more similarities than appearance, in their mutual love for the Orioles, long chats over ice cream, park adventures, and big families. Sarah is a constant and trustworthy friend who is easy to talk to and sure to offer good and honest advice for any situation. Her strong work ethic and stronger faith are an awesome testimony in her friendship with Molly.

Jackie Kaishian - Bridesmaid

A friend of the bride. Jackie and Molly met their freshman year at CUA during an exciting wisdom tooth story and their friendship has been as fun and wacky as it started. A native of New York State, Jackie currently works for Teach for America as a pre-school teacher in the Bronx. A natural and dedicated athlete Jackie has shown her strengths in lacrosse and Ultimate Frisbee where her speed and coordination can't be matched. Driven by a heart full of social justice, Jackie works tirelessly to promote social change and raise awareness about inequality. Jackie's passion and investment inspire the bride in her own life to work harder for social change.

Jill Collins - Bridesmaid

A cousin of the bride. Jill is currently a senior in high school, dexterously navigating college applications, AP classes, and making memories to last a lifetime. Molly and Jill have known each other for longer than memory serves but have grown increasingly close in the past few years. Exploring their faith, discussing life and art, and always an honest listener, Jill is a great kindred spirit whom Molly holds dear. In her free time, Jill enjoys furthering her artistic abilities, enjoying the simplest moments of good company, and bringing a smile to every face.

Elizabeth Galka - Bridesmaid

A friend of the bride. A nursing student at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, Elizabeth has an extracurricular schedule to match a full-time job. If she isn't playing every instrument known to man (and those yet to be discovered), you can find her on any intramural sports team or frequenting the company of her new Regina Angelorum household sisters. After meeting through a volunteer group at the Little Sisters of the Poor, Elizabeth and Molly continued their friendship throughout their years together at Mount de Sales and through college.