The Ladies
Carly Lonne - Maid of Honor

Shannon and Carly have been friends since they were randomly placed together as roommates their freshman year of college. Carly and Shannon completed their undergraduate degrees in Social Work together and Carly has recently started her first “grown-up” job! They enjoy Starbucks dates, shopping, and watching Friends.

Lindsay LaMoore- Bridesmaid

Shannon and Lindsay have known each other since they both moved to Cannon Falls in 4th grade. Many Saturdays throughout high school were spent together at Speech and Debate tournaments, followed by Applebee’s and Target dates. Lindsay will be taking a break from her publishing job in New York City to attend the wedding!

Abby Hopfer - Bridesmaid

Abby and Shannon are roommates and coach competitive youth cheerleading together. They have known each other since their freshman year of college when they both joined the Saints cheerleading team, however started off hating each other as Abby cheered for basketball and Shannon cheered for hockey. Outside of cheer, Abby and Shannon enjoy drinking coffee from sunrise to sunset.

Alex Jordan - Bridesmaid

Shannon and Alex have been friends for the last 4 years, and like much of the rest of the bridal party, bonded while cheering together in college. The two were in a stunt group before Shannon passed along the role of Captain to Alex. Alex is now working towards a degree in Nursing.

Holly Bayless - Bridesmaid

As sister of the groom, Holly began vetting Shannon immediately after Ryan and Shannon’s first date. With Holly attending school at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, the two didn’t have many opportunities to get to know each other until Shannon tagged along on a family vacation to Mexico. Hopefully, it can be argued that Shannon has gained Holly’s approval!

Liz Phelps - Bridesmaid

It would be safe to say that as Shannon’s twin sister, Liz has known her longest. Although spending much of their lives trying to be as opposite as possible, with weddings just a few months apart, they’ve found more similarities throughout the process and will enjoy flip-flopping roles as Brides and Bridesmaids.

Hannah McManus - Bridesmaid

Hannah has also known Shannon for her entire life as her older sister. Shannon followed in Hannah’s footsteps in a number of things including dance, math team, jobs, high school cheer and now coaching. Hannah’s also promoted Shannon to the title of Aunt with the addition of Isla Jane to the family in March.

Personal Attendants

Sydney Erhardt - Cousin of Shannon

Jen Lorentz - Friend of Shannon

Flower Girl

Isla McManus - Niece of Shannon

The Guys
Ethan Walpole - Best Man

Ryan and Ethan have been best friends since their days in elementary school. From bike trips to throwing a crazy party to competing at Skills USA Nationals, Ryan and Ethan have been through it all. Ethan now has a successful career as a graphic designer in Los Angeles. However, despite the distance, they are still the best of friends, and Ryan still considers him the brother he never had.

Jason Campbell - Groomsman

Ryan and Jason go all the way back to elementary school at Cathedral as well. In Kindergarten, the were drawn together by their mutual love of dinosaurs, Star Wars, and Pokemon. Ryan and Jason have been close friends ever since. These days, Jason works as a driver for Lake Shore Ice. You can usually find them having a beer at the Steel Toe, or playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Scott Kvam - Groomsman

Ryan and Scott met in high school band. Together, they led the Superior High School percussion section, survived several trips to the state hockey tournament, and Skills USA state. Through it all, they became close friends. Today, Scott works in guest services for Delta Airlines, and spends his time traveling the world. You can usually find Scott and Ryan hanging out around the Bayless Lodge, watching some kind of sporting event, or just hanging out having a beer.

Shaun Mattson - Groomsman

Ryan and Shaun's friendship began in middle school while performing in the summer musicals. Fast forward a few years, and they found themselves as roommates through most of their college years living it up at the famous "Bachelor Palace." These days, Shaun lives in Hudson, WI, and is going to school at UW-River Falls. You can almost always find him making other guys look small at the local gym.

Erik Miller - Groomsman

Erik and Ryan's friendship started at UMD in 2011 over a mutual passion for a political candidate known as, "The Donald." At the time, people largely mocked them for supporting someone who "would never run" for president (who's laughing now?). Through the ridicule they became close friends. Now, Erik works for St. Louis County in the planning department. You can usually find Erik and Ryan talking politics while enjoying a beer.

Ben Brunner - Groomsman

Ben and Ryan's friendship began at the DECC. Some would say it was a "bumpy" start (Ryan was very inexperienced at driving a bucket lift). However, despite Ryan's poor driving, they quickly became good friends and found various common interests. Ben works in tech services at the DECC. You can usually find Ben and Ryan playing Dungeons & Dragons, eating at Bdubs, or playing games on their PC's.

Mitch Engen - Groomsman

Mitch and Ryan met when Ryan originally interviewed to work in tech services at the DECC. Although Mitch was Ryan's supervisor, They became great friends through their love of discussing (debating) a myriad of topics, playing games, and talking about anything "nerdy." Mitch works as a building supervisor for the DECC. Ryan and Mitch can usually be found playing Dungeons & Dragons every Monday night (Apparently a lot of Ryan's friends play D&D).


Riley McManus - Brother-In-Law of Shannon

AJ Worth - Brother-In-Law of Shannon

Alex Petrey - Cousin of Ryan