Steven & Hannah

November 3, 2018Marble Falls, TX, USA

Our Story
Our Favorite Adventure

Nobody is entirely sure when we met, probably sometime at Camp Peniel. Steven lived in Marble Falls and Hannah frequently visited because of the many friends who had moved out there. We would always see each other in groups but that’s about it.

In Summer of 2017, Hannah moved to Marble Falls to work full time at Camp of the Hills. Because of the many mutual friends, Steven and Hannah started hanging out more. They were both younglife leaders and often ran into each other because Marble Falls isn’t the biggest town. When they would hang out, it was always a good time because they are both very weird but very comfortable in their weirdness. The hang outs became more frequent and they bonded over Spotify playlists, exploring the hill country, and laughing a whole lot.
The hangouts became pretty consistent and they started to really get to know each other. Their friends kept telling them that they should date but both of them denied that the other had any kind of interest.
Luckily, we figured it out. One evening while looking at stars from Hannah's porch, we basically forced each other to admit our feelings.
A few weeks later, on November 11th, we went on our first date to Enchanted Rock and Fredericksburg.
We got to go on a trip to Colorado and New Mexico together and celebrated a mutual love for the southwest and a not so mutual love for Allsup’s chimis.
It didn't take long to realize that the love and bond between us was not just of ourselves, but of God. The peace and joy we feel is something that we are certain cannot be merely human.
On May 24th, Steven said he had a picnic planned. Turns out he didn't have picnic planned, but he did have an important question to ask Hannah. On the porch at the dining hall at Camp of the Hills, Steven asked Hannah to be his ladyfriend for life. She agreed and they ran off into the sunset to eat guacamole and go on adventures forever.

The Wedding

Saturday, November 3, 2018
6:00 PM
Attire: Casual
Ceremony and Reception
Camp Of The Hills
1552 County Road 344, Marble Falls, TX

Come hang out with us in the woods as we get married!

***Please be safe while driving out. Due to flooding, many roads in the area are closed. Stay safe! Turn around, don’t drown!***

Parking will be marked and in the first lot at the camp.

The ceremony will begin promptly at 6pm on the back porch amphitheater at the dining hall of the camp. Please walk around the right side of the building and feel free to sit anywhere.

After the ceremony, the reception will be inside the dining hall and around the fire pit. Snacks, dancing, and a campfire will be available for you to enjoy! Please stay and party with us!