Our Story
Our Love Story

How We Met

A mutual friend introduced us, and our first date was at Cups in the Quarter in Jackson. I was super early, as per usual. At first, I thought he was standing me up, because he was running late but he called me, apologizing profusely for being caught on the phone with a client. I should've been studying for my Step 1 exam but instead I spent 3 hours chatting with him about everything from our families to religion. I knew he was special then, and I'm so excited to be marrying him now. - Susan

How He Proposed

She finally had a day off on the rotation she was on, so I suggested a date night. I came to pick her up and had a card with a long message in it. At the end she was supposed to look up and say, "What is next for us?" When she said that to me, I got down on one knee and delivered a heartfelt message of love, purpose, and passion. Just kidding, I got down on one knee, opened my mouth, stuttered, was at a total loss for words, and managed to grunt "marry me?" - Andrew

The Wedding

Saturday, April 9, 2016
4:00 PM
Attire: Dressy Casual
Ceremony and Reception
Fairview Inn
734 Fairview St, Jackson, MS 39202, United States

Take as many photos as you please, but please don't let snapping pics get in our photographers' way! We look forward to seeing all of the pictures later with our wedding hashtag, #williamsforthewin.

Other Events

Rehearsal Dinner
Friday, April 8, 2016
7:00 PM
Table 100
100 Ridge Way, Flowood, MS 39232, United States

The wedding party will be enjoying a Rehearsal Dinner at Table 100 the night before the wedding.

The Day-After Brunch
Sunday, April 10, 2016
10:30 AM
Brent's Soda Fountain
655 Duling Ave, Jackson, MS 39216, United States

If you're in town after the wedding and would like to join us for brunch the next day, we'd love to see you!

Wedding Party

Brittany Freeman - Matron of Honor

The (now) wife of my histology lab partner, me and this girl hit it off and pretty much ignored that other guy, her husband or whatever. Quickly becoming one of my closest friends, it wouldn't be right without her by my side. #SQUAD

Brandy Mays - Bridesmaid

We became fast friends on OBGYN rotation, bonding as two members of the best team ever, "3 Asians and a White Girl." Been keeping it real since then. Life would not be as fun without her in it. #SQUAD

Eden Yelverton - Bridesmaid

Together we survived gross anatomy lab, you could say that ours is a friendship that is meant to last. I stood with her on her wedding day and am so happy to have her with me on mine. #SQUAD

Rohini Krishna - Bridesmaid

Her first words to me ever were "Hey you, your scrubs are inside out." Fast forward through 4 years of Game of Thrones conversations, Mexican food, and extraordinarily long text messages. Lesbihonest, you know a friendship is bestie level when people mistake you for a lesbian couple. #SQUAD

Sara Williams - Attendant

Ballerina, baker, potter, painter, etc. This jack of all trades, master of all trades is my future sister-in-law. Sara is an absolute joy to be around, and I cannot wait until we are officially sisters.

Allie Hegi - Attendant

The best RISK partner around, this lovely young lady is the fiancée of my future brother-in-law, Stephen Williams (aka Joel Osteen). We have already built great memories together, and I look forward to making many more.

Jason Leonhardt - Best Man

An aspiring model in need of a contract, Jason has been my inseperable brother from another mother, regardless of actual distance between us. The friendship shared is not worthy of words, so I will merely and unworthily say that I am proud to call him my Best Man.

Stephen Williams - Groomsman

My younger brother who routinely surpasses me, closer than the blood and last name we share. Without a doubt, one of the finest men you will ever meet, yet unfortunately for any girl reading this, he is happily engaged.

Ross Brandon - Groomsman

Bonded by the "fun" and "exciting" and "enjoyable" experience of pledging together, Ross has seen me at my worst yet still loves me as if I was always my best. To have him standing with me on my wedding day is a joy that cannot be described.

Jeremy White - Groomsman

A fraternal brother sharing the deepest bonds, Jeremy is a constant aid and influence on me. I am honored to have him, pictured in his everyday attire, standing by me on my wedding day.

Ross O'Kelley - Usher

Literally my oldest friend, as our cribs were beside each other in church, Ross is pictured here with his son who is much cooler than the rest of us. I was proud to stand with Ross on his wedding day, and I am equally proud to have him standing with me on mine.

Bryan Mar - Usher

I certainly would not enjoy life like I do but for the influence of Bryan. From the years we spent together in college to the multiple trips to meet up since then, I am proud to have my friend, a constant source of joy, standing with me at my wedding.