Our Journey

Frank and Tanieka met in St. Augustine during the first month of PT school at the first social of the year. They found many common interests including soccer, fishing and the importance of family and friends. Frank made a few trips to Trinidad & Tobago, and Tanieka similarly made trips to Mobile and Josephine. Before going to St. Augustine, Frank bought a Gheenoe so he can participate in his first love, fly fishing. The Ghenooe was home to many fishing dates throughout their time in St. Augustine. Following graduation Tanieka moved to Frank's hometown of Mobile, AL. Their love continued to grow, especially with their new found free time. Tanieka's parents planned a trip to Mobile for Thanksgiving. Frank's family was so welcoming that they invited everyone to their Bay House for the weekend. On the Friday after Thanksgiving Frank had put the Gheenoe in the water, and just before sunset he asked Tanieka to join him to put it back on the trailer. Tanieka was a little hesitant as it was so cold, but with some convincing she agreed. As they were driving out, Frank saw everyone coming out on the dock, so he turned around to show Tanieka's parents the Gheenoe on the water. As they reached the dock, Frank asked Tanieka to untie the rope at the front of the boat. As she went to the bow, Frank quickly got behind her and went down on one knee, and as she turned around he asked that special question every girl dreams about. Tanieka managed to say YES with a few (happy) tears in between! Frank and Tanieka's families were looking on and cheering from the dock. It was the end to an amazing week with their families and it is just the beginning of these two families becoming one!

The Wedding

Saturday, July 7, 2018
3:00 PM
St. Patrick's Anglican Church
10 Church Street, Mt. Pleasant, Scarbrough, Tobago
The Heritage Pavilion
Pigeon Point Heritage Park, Tobago
Wedding Party

Jessika Welch - Maid of Honor
Katrina Packer - Bridesmaid
Justine Low - Bridesmaid
Tiffany Smith - Bridesmaid
Nikita Mac Lean - Bridesmaid
Mary May Cope - Flower Girl
Stephen Cope - Best Man
Bennett Cope - Groomsman
Matthew Cope - Groomsman
Andrew Cope - Groomsman
Luke Welch - Groomsman
Jacob Welch - Ring Bearer