Our Story
How We Met...

Patrick and I met at an event called "Table For 8" in November 2015. We both signed up for "Table For 8" through our church, The Village Chapel in Nashville, TN, to make connections in our church by sharing a few meals with 7 other people. I walked in late and sat in the only available seat at the table right next to Patrick. He served me an enchilada and we talked about college football. We were the last people to leave the event and he asked for my number walking me to my car. The rest is history :)

How He Proposed...

Patrick proposed to me on September 5, 2017 midday. Our parents were town to watch me perform at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN and I planned on giving them a tour of Catch This Music (the publishing company I write songs for). I walked them into the studio and on the baby grand piano there were roses and a note that said "There's a car waiting for you outside!" His best man, Dan Paulson, was waiting for me and took me to The Village Chapel where Patrick was pacing back and forth in the sanctuary. On the way over to the church Dan played me a CD Patrick had burned me of songs that are special to us. I walked into the sanctuary of TVC to candles, pictures, rose petals, hydrangeas, and Ella Fitzgerald playing over the loud speakers. Patrick proposed to me with beautiful words and it was an amazing day!

The Wedding

Saturday, April 14, 2018
4:30 PM
The Stevens Ranch
290 Plainview Rd, McGregor, TX, United States
Waco Hippodrome Theatre
724 Austin Ave, Waco, TX 76701, USA
Our Mailing Address

Patrick and Trannie Anderson

P. O. Box 158843

Nashville, TN 37215