Our Story
Once upon a time...

Vanessa and Eric first met through a popular mobile dating app (we don't need to get into specifics, right?). After their first date at Elsie's (bowling), which included a few too many drinks, Eric convinced Vanessa to take him home...where they watched Game of Thrones and held hands (for real; get your mind out of the gutter). The connection was powerful and immediate. They saw each other again the very next evening, even though it was Thanksgiving. The couple hung out again three nights later on Eric's birthday and things were amazing.

The couple began spending much of their free time together, learning about each other, and falling in love. In or around March 2016, Eric began working with a home builder on a new house. Though Eric and Vanessa had been dating only for a few months, their love was powerful enough that they were planning a future together, and Eric involved Vanessa in house-related decisions. He even let her pick the indoor finishes collection (nevermind that it was exactly the same one Eric would have selected), intending that Vanessa would move in before too long.

A few months later, Vanessa met Eric's then two-year-old daughter, Grace. Much like Vanessa and Eric, Vanessa and Grace instantly hit it off. Vanessa and Grace each had a new person to love in their lives and their bond grew.

In February 2017, after the couple had been together for a little more than a year, Vanessa joined Eric and Grace on their annual trip to Disney World and Venice, Florida, to spend time with Grandma Sue and Bumpa Gummy. The trip was wonderful. Vanessa moved into the house her and Eric had planned (and that Eric had moved into the previous October), immediately after this vacation.

The love between Vanessa, Eric, and Grace grew, and it came time to begin planning for the rest of their lives. What better place to celebrate this union than Disney World?

The Wedding

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
2:30 PM
Ceremony and Reception
Disney's Yacht Club Resort-Wedding Gazebo

Yep, we're getting hitched in Disney World.