Our Story
Our Story

It was in a pub called Green Man in 1999

Thereafter a lot of wine and dine

Now, almost 17 years later

The Table Bay is ready to cater.

Circumnavigating Africa on a bicycle

Riaan set off to do something historical

Vasti was finishing her studies to be an attorney

She was busy with her own journey

2 years, 2 months went by

Vasti was waiting for him, she didn't lie.

His adventuring was not over

He wanted to kayak around Madagascar, was he sober?

She didn't stop him and said he must go

"But please, please, don't be too slow"

1 year went by

Vasti was waiting for him, she didn't lie.

They built a life together,

Settling in Bettys Bay, with beach weather

Again Riaan wanted to something strange

They had a lot to arrange

Iceland was the next destination

Riaan took a partner, it was definitely not a vacation

It was tough but they made it

They made history, it took a lot of gritt

6 months went by

Vasti was waiting for him she didn't lie.

Sitting on the couch watching tv,

Vasti told Riaan she wanted to do something incredible with her life,

that was the key.

Riaan planned a trip across the Atlantic

According to him he promised it would be very romantic.

On a rowboat they crossed the water

Past the Statue of Liberty, that's where Riaan brought her

The first to row from Africa to USA

Only through the grace of God, there was no may day.

133 days went by

It was very romantic, Riaan didn't lie

On 25 August 2015 Riaan went down on one knee

It was in Madagascar, right next to the sea.

It would be great if you could join us at our wedding

With Table Mountain as the background for this setting.

The Wedding

Saturday, May 14, 2016
Attire: Smart
Three Anchor Bay Church
265 Main Road, Three Anchor Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
The Table Bay Hotel
6, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Breakwater Blvd, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa

Ceremony will start at 16h00.