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Honeydew Ginger Gin Fizz
Honeydew Ginger Gin Fizz

What You Need
  • 2 parts gin (can substitute vodka)
  • 1 part fresh honeydew juice
  • 1 part yuzu juice (available at Japanese markets; can substitute fresh lemon juice)
  • 1 part iced green tea
  • 1 part ginger beer
  • Generous bunch of mint
  • Slices candied ginger or crystallized ginger

How to Make It
  • Brew green tea and chill.
  • For honeydew juice, puree honeydew and strain through mesh.
  • Pour all liquid ingredients into an ice-filled shaker.
  • Tear mint leaves (approx 6 per portion) on top.
  • Shake vigorously for at least two minutes – the mint should pulverize and the cocktail should foam lightly.
  • Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass.
  • Garnish with candied ginger slices and mint leaves.

Courtesy of Bite Caterers

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