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Your wedding team and everything in between

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Find vendors for every vibe

Discover top-rated pros for any budget, background and style.
Browse galleries to find your look.
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See photographers
See outdoor spaces
Meet bakers and set up tastings.
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Browse cakes
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Keep your dance floor moving.
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Discover DJs
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Build your vendor team

We’ll walk you through every part of planning

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Your announcements

Get your guests excited to RSVP. Send out save-the-dates and start a (free!) wedding website to keep them up to date.
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Get organized early

Your budget and vision

Make the next steps easier! We’ll help you gather inspo, find your wedding style, set up a budget—even create a guest list.
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Build your wish list

Your registry

Let your guests know exactly what you want. Add gifts from The Knot Registry Store, sync your other registries, add cash funds and more.
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Creating your free website is simple

Get an easy-to-build site with automatic RSVP tracking to save yourself time.
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Cue the happy tears...

Couples love us (and we love them!)

“I really enjoyed using the Knot App and found it very useful right away. When I began planning, I didn’t know where to start. Following the guidelines was super helpful and eased my mind when I felt overwhelmed. I also enjoyed doing our wedding registry through the app and having everything in one place for everyone attending the wedding to access.”
Charisma & Cole
richmond, VA

Get started with planning

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