A Bohemian Adventure-Inspired Wedding at Moniker Warehouse in San Diego, California

Megan Grable (33 and a strategist) and Ray Pilla’s (36 and a scientist) stunningly creative wedding takes bohemian to a whole new level with amazing teepees, star marquees and tribal patterned rugs. Inspired by the spirit of adventure and excitement they feel during their explorations, (such as Ray’s amazing proposal at the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro after about 11 hours of climbing!) they worked with Melissa Strukel of Pow Wow Design Studio to create an ultra-bohemian feel mixed with the raw urban coolness of Moniker Warehouse. “We had our wedding in San Diego at a friend's awesome converted warehouse that's becoming one of the most popular venues in San Diego: Moniker,” Megan says. “We kept it casual: Lots of classic colors, wood, brick, maps, camping goodies and rustic flowers. Shared tables, no assigned seating, teepees, hanging lights and marquee signs. And, of course, great reclaimed furnishings from a local group called Pow Wow.” Emilia McCool from Sweet Emilia Jane helped piece all the eclectic details together and ensure the couple got hitched without a hitch while photographer Jasmine Fitzwilliam from Let's Frolic Together beautifully captured every moment. One of our favorite details was the delicious menu! “We live in San Diego, and so we naturally featured some of our town's greatest beers,” Megan says. “Beyond that, we served people the things we love: A food truck with the best taco bar in San Diego, some pour over coffee, a s'mores bar and 12 deep dish pizzas to keep the party going late into the night.” The couple even made their own s’more cake (which they lit on fire!) with melted chocolate shavings on top. Yum!