Bold Autumnal Purples and Oranges Filled This Wedding at Northstar Gatherings in Idaho Springs, Colorado

To celebrate their love, Kate and Andrew planned a colorful wedding at Northstar Gatherings in Idaho Springs, <a href="

To celebrate their love, Kate and Andrew planned a colorful wedding at Northstar Gatherings in Idaho Springs, Colorado, inspired by the shades of autumn. Kate explains that, simply put, she wanted her wedding day to be "fun, bright and relaxed. I feel like sometimes set color schemes can be a little restrictive and overwhelming, so I gave our planner and florist free rein on coordinating bright complementary colors that fit with our vibe and the fall season. My personal style is pretty relaxed but I love bright pops of color and that informed the direction my vendors took. When it came down to it, my sister-in-law described it pretty well as the perfect 'Anthropologie-inspired' wedding. We went for a smaller wedding and wanted everyone there to feel like they were included and an important part of the day." 

While flowers are generally the main way that couples add color to their wedding design, Kate and Andrew's team creatively wove produce into the arrangements as well. "I found a florist who thinks outside of the box and incorporates a lot of bright fruits and vegetables into her arrangements, and I think that drove a lot of the aesthetic of the wedding. The ceremony arrangement was just perfect with pops of bright colors and a shape that complemented the awesome mountain views perfectly. I also was just so obsessed with my bouquet that tied deep jewel tones and purples with pops of fall reds and oranges. My bouquet even had strawberries in it—which I loved from a design standpoint...and tasted awesome after a few glasses of champagne. The table design was also great with a beautiful mix of florals and bright fruits and vegetables—it was all just so bright and fun." 

While the florals and fresh fruit added visual intrigue to the day, Kate recalls that the wedding ceremony readings infused the nuptials with beautiful meaning. "For the ceremony, I gave our officiant and readers complete control over what they read (with the exception of some general structure for the ceremony). In the end, they each chose something so personal to read, and it made the ceremony very meaningful. I even told them that I didn't want to know what they were going to say, so that we could really listen and be in the moment. This meant a lot to me and lead to a very meaningful and fun ceremony that was both sentimental and funny. My best friend actually read a passage from Harry Potter and dropped 'Voldemort' multiple times in the reading...which I just loved. My brother-in-law chose a passage from Andrew's favorite book that made everyone almost ugly-cry," says Kate. 

In addition to a ceremony that reflected their unique interests and personalities, Kate and Andrew's wedding reception was also chock full of personalized details. "Andrew isn't much of a dessert fan but loves pumpkin pie, so we cut the pumpkin pie instead of cake during the reception, which I thought was a fun little touch," shares Kate. To accompany the food they served, "all of the beer was from my husband's brewery where he is head brewer! It was great to be able to share his hard work with all of our guests." 

I feel so lucky for my team of amazing vendors. My biggest advice is to find a wedding planner and photographer that you trust! I am FAR from comfortable in front of the camera, but I trusted Josie to capture the special moments of the day. Each time that I reflect on the day, I grow more and more thankful for Kelsey (my planner) for her role in designing and executing such an amazing day. Being able to trust them both took away a lot of my anxiety.

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