Green Wedding Cake With Gold Drips and Berry Garnishes

Green Wedding Cake With Gold Drips and Berry Garnishes


Single-Tier Emerald Green Wedding Cake With 3D White Floral Details

Glam White-and-Gold Wedding Cake Decorated With Bougainvillea

Glam Emerald Art Decor Cake

Teal-and-Orange Cake on Gold Cake Stand

Tiered Wedding Cake with Pet Decorations at Zingerman’s Cornman Farms in Dexter, Michigan

Tiered Wedding Cake With Cascading Flowers

Simple, Elegant Wedding Cake with Greenery

Simple White Wedding Cakes With Green Accents

Two-Tier Cake With Geometric Green Design

Teal Wedding Cake at The River View at Occoquan in Lorton, Virginia

Pie and Tart Dessert Table

Large Ornaments, Bouquets and Snow Under Christmas Trees With Lights

Couple Cutting Wedding Cake at the Larz Anderson House in Washington, DC

Tiered Wedding Cake with Flowers and Greenery

Popcorn Bar at Reception

Rough-Frosted Wedding Cake

Modern Cake with Faux-Malachite-Covered Base

Custom Menu, Desserts, Appetizers and Place Cards Styled Like Airplane Tickets

Two-Tier White Wedding Cake With a Wintery Pine Sprig

Pink and Green Macarons on Wedding Dessert Table

Wedding Cake and Chateau-Inspired Decorations and Accents

Rustic, Birch-Inspired Cake with Moose Cake Topper