The Couple's Indian, Belgian and Ghanaian Heritage Filled Their Two-Day Wedding at Borgo Corsignano in Italy

Chloe Eyison and Claudio Eyison’s love story is one of serendipity. ‘We initially met on a night out in Dubai, UAE,” Chloe reminisces. Their first enc

Chloe Eyison and Claudio Eyison’s love story is one of serendipity. ‘We initially met on a night out in Dubai, UAE,” Chloe reminisces. Their first encounter was marked by friendly conversation, although they didn’t exchange numbers at the time. Fate, however, had more in store for them. Just a month later, they ran into each other again—Claudio having just moved to Dubai. “We finally exchanged numbers, and the rest is history,” Chloe says.

Fast forward to 2020, a year fraught with challenges due to the pandemic. Claudio knew he wanted to take their relationship to the next level. “The proposal was so sweet: at home in London just as COVID-19 was starting in 2020,” Chloe recalls. Despite the uncertainty in the world, Claudio created some much-deserved peace. “It was a sweet moment between the two of us, which I loved.”

Their inspiration for the big day was to create a harmonious union of their diverse backgrounds. As Chloe lovingly described, “Our wedding was a mix of different cultures, and it was beautiful to see it all come together.” With Chloe being half-Indian, half-Belgian, and Claudio hailing from Ghana, the couple decided on a three-day celebration to honor each heritage.

On a sunny August day, they commenced their wedding festivities with a Ghanaian ceremony, followed by a vibrant Indian Mehndi ceremony. Chloe explains, “It was a beautiful mix of cultures and different traditions.” Their guests, dressed in colorful attire, joined the celebration, blending the essence of Ghanaian and Indian traditions.

Their wedding fashion choices were deeply intertwined with their cultural celebration. Chloe and Claudio elegantly showcased their heritage, from Claudio’s Ghanaian Kente attire for the ceremony to Chloe’s exquisite light pink lehenga for the ethnic night. Chloe revealed the surprise in their fashion choices, stating, “The funny story here is that my mother didn’t allow us to see each other’s outfits prior to the wedding. We were very pleasantly surprised when the outfits we each chose matched one another!”

The next day, Chloe and Claudio opted for a more traditional, Western wedding in a Catholic Church. The color palette included light, soft hues complimenting the stunning architecture and space. Vibrant garlands and colorful puffs adorned the venue, creating a vivid and enchanting atmosphere. The bridal bouquets and floral arrangements were a tasteful mix of seasonal flowers, orchids, and light pink and white blossoms. The church ceremony held particular significance, as Chloe noted, “The church ceremony was the most special moment as that is the part of the day that we made it official!” As they exchanged vows, the essence of their love story resonated throughout the church, marking a profound and emotional moment.

Following the ceremony, guests rejoiced during the cocktail hour with a unique touch: a “Brindapino” serving gelato and Prosecco to cool down the guests on the warm Italian summer day. Their reception embodied elegance, complemented by a live band consisting of a pianist, saxophonist, drummer and double bass player, which created a harmonious ambiance.

The reception decor was kept minimal to let the venue’s natural beauty shine and featured tables by the pool laden with various delectable dishes and drinks. The dinner, meticulously designed by florists and lighting experts, was a symphony of orchids and seasonal flowers, perfectly complementing the chandeliers adorning the tables.

As the night drew to a close, Chloe and Claudio cherished the moments of their unique celebration. Chloe’s advice for couples echoed the sentiment of their wedding day: “Enjoy your wedding as much as possible. If things are not going to plan, do not let it ruin your day. You are surrounded by your loved ones.” Their event, spanning cultures and traditions, beautifully symbolized love’s ability to unite people in a celebration.

Groom in Traditional Ghanaian Kente Outfit for His Multicultural Wedding
Bride in Traditional Ghanaian Kente Dress Surrounded by Friends and Family
Groom's Family Members Presenting Aye-yo-Dee Gifts to bride Family, Ghanaian
A groom and bride in traditional, colorful Ghanaian Kente featuring yellow, red, green and purple, as well as a headpiece and necklaces, for a multicultural wedding featuring customs from Ghana, India, and Europe.
Bride, Groom and Family in Traditional Ghanaian Attire Before Interfaith Wedding
Bride Getting Mehndi Henna Done Before Indian Celebration, Interfaith Wedding
Bridal Party Women Show Off Their Mehndi Henna Tattoos, Indian
Bridal Party Member Getting Sunflower Mehndi Henna Tattoo, Indian
Vases, Plants, Bottles in Varying Colors on Bar at Interfaith Wedding
Tier Tray of Flavorful Appetizers at African, Indian, Italian Interfaith Wedding
Groom Being Carried By Family Members, Ghanaian and Indian Wedding Attire
Groom in Light Pink Sherwani With String of Flowers, Indian/African Wedding
Bride in Pink Lehenga With Bridal Party Performing Dance, Indian/African Wedding
Bride in Light Pink Lehenga With Carnation Necklace, Indian Attire
Bride With Solitaire Engagement Ring Holding Hands With Groom
Bride in White-and-Blue Midi Dress, Groom in Blue Dress Shirt, Slacks
Bride in White-and-Blue Midi Dress and Groom in Dress Shirt, Italian Estate
Bride in White Robe With Mehndi Henna on Hands, Getting Ready
White-and-Pink Floral Arrangement in Stone Vase, Catholic Church in Italy
Wedding Rings Tied to Delicate Fabric With Tassels, Italian Catholic Church Ceremony
A bride in a fitted gown with an illusion neckline carrying a bouquet of white, blush and lavender flowers walking with her groom in a light teal tuxedo with a bright orange tie in the recessional out of their Catholic Church ceremony in Italy with guests throwing rose petals.
Bride's Structured Bouquet With White, Off-White and Lavender Roses, Flowers
Poolside Reception at Italian Estate With Views of the Countryside
Seating Chart on Fabric, Stone Vases With Light Flowers at Italian Estate Reception
A reception dinner inside a historic Italian estate featuring stone accents and a suit of armor with round dining tables featuring white linens, greenery, candles and tall chandelier centerpieces.
Baker Making Fresh Berry Cake, Layering Mascarpone at Italian Wedding
Bride in Fitted Gown, Groom in Teal Suit Cutting Large Cake, Sparklers in Background