Tuscany's Beauty Was on Full Display at This Orthodox Wedding at Terre Di Nano in Val d’Orcia, Italy

Elizabeth and Alex celebrated their love and their faith with a Romanian Orthodox wedding in Val d’Orcia, <a href="https://www.theknot.com/content/ita

Elizabeth and Alex celebrated their love and their faith with a Romanian Orthodox wedding in Val d’Orcia, Italy, followed by a romantic wedding reception at Terre Di Nano with sweeping views of Tuscany's iconic landscape. 

The day began with a traditional wedding ceremony in observance of the couple's Romanian Orthodox faith. "We are both part of the Romanian Orthodox Church and we knew from the beginning we wanted our wedding to reflect and respect the millenary traditions and principles which lie at the core of our belief," explains Elizabeth. "Therefore, organizing the day of the wedding was a simple and straightforward choice. Yet it could not have been more meaningful for both of us and for our family. The wedding ceremony took part in a Romanian orthodox church which was close to the venue. The wedding has a very deep religious meaning for us. Therefore, the most special and emotional moment of the wedding was the religious ceremony. We could feel like every single word of the religious service gets written in our hearts and we were being tied into one, not for a lifetime, but for eternity."

The couple's wedding ceremony "was followed by a reception and dinner at Terre di Nano, located in one of our favorite parts of Italy." When it came to decorating their wedding, the couple relied heavily on the existing beauty of the area, finding elegant wants to highlight and complement the landscape. "We wanted to use nature as decor and every bit of Val d’Orcia is breathtakingly beautiful," explains Elizabeth. "The wedding reception, the dinner and the after-dinner drinks were held on different parts of the property and at different times. For the aperitivo, we chose the terrace facing the vineyards and the setting sun. For the dinner, we choose the olive trees garden which after sunset was illuminated by hundreds of cozy string lights. For the after-dinner drinks, we moved back to the terrace which was cooled by a warm summer breeze." Elizabeth goes on to explain that "there were three elements that we were looking for in each venue we toured: vineyards, cypress trees and an olive tree grove. However, the olive trees were the determining factor as we wanted the dinner table to be arranged in the garden. We could definitely say the olive garden was the theme of the wedding dinner. Hence the color of the flowers on the table, which we wanted to keep very simple, were light green, olive green and pale-colored flowers. The decor in the church was also as simple and it followed the same color pattern. Alex’s suit, as well as the groomsmen’s suits, were decorated using olive branches as a basic element. The only exception to the olive theme was the bridal bouquet as I always wanted a white peonies bouquet. We were lucky to have Alex’s mother designing our flower arrangements as she personally understood exactly how simple we wanted our table to be."

At their wedding reception, Elizabeth and Alex decided to skip having dancing, opting instead for an elegant backdrop of music to create a serene dinner atmosphere. Elizabeth explains that they had "classical music played at all times and was personally chosen by Alex. We wanted to respect the solemnity of the religious ceremony we took part of in the morning. Thus, we wanted to maintain a serene atmosphere. On the other hand, we considered that other genres of music would disturb the atmosphere created by the magnificent scenery of Val d’Orcia. The music was part of the environment and was intended to complement our emotions and mimic the vibration and movement of the natural show we were all part of."

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