Music From the '60s and '70s Inspired This Retro Wedding at The Fillmore in Philadelphia

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For their wedding at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Naomi and Jessi created a vibe that was a mix of "Summer of Love, Magical Mystery Tour, and a sprinkle of Studio 54 glitter." Naomi goes on to explain that the couple selected "a palette based on late '60s and early '70s color schemes; bright but somewhat muted, mustards, corals, greens, blush, etc. We’ve both always had an affinity for that time period and especially when it comes to music, and given that the Fillmore was originally a venue in San Francisco at the time, it seemed like a great fit."

In keeping with the music and concert inspiration for the wedding, the couple even had a "merch table" for their custom wedding favors. "Jesse is a big t-shirt collector and especially ones from concerts he’s been to," says Naomi. "We had a 'merch table; with custom t-shirts and koozies printed with drawings of the Brancusi sculpture that Maria Beddia did for our wedding logo. We were very involved in the planning and general design ideas, and I think overall our wedding felt very much like us." To further enhance the retro music theme, the couple created escort cards that looked like concert tickets and even had a special confetti canon while "Purple Rain" played later in the evening. 

Beyond the inclusion of fun aesthetic nods to retro music, it was paramount to Naomi and Jesse that the day also feel intimate and meaningful. To do just that, the couple "did opt for some of the culturally Jewish elements like the breaking of the glass, the hora, and our chuppah. Our chuppah was particularly special to us… a few months before our wedding, we lost a very close friend who was also originally going to officiate. He had gotten us this painted wooden plaque while on a trip with his wife, something that was sort of a joke but also sweet, and very much him. We had it hanging in the front of our chuppah, and it was a great way to feel like we had some part of him there with us."

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