These Are the 40 Best Wedding Favors of 2020

From personalized playing cards to s'mores kits—and more!
by Lindsay Tigar
s'mores wedding favors
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There are lots of reasons why couples give out wedding favors—they serve as a thank-you to your guests, and provide a tangible memory of your celebration. As you head into the final months before your wedding, you'll want to start browsing wedding favor ideas to pick the right party favors for your big day. From mini bottles of maple syrup to personalized playing cards, environmentally-friendly options and much, much more, there are lots of wedding favors to choose from, which can make selecting the right giveaways feel a bit overwhelming. 

The first step to choosing the perfect wedding favors is to figure out your budget, knowing that the average cost of favors is about $400, according to a survey of over 27,000 newlyweds who married in 2019. You'll then want to decide the type of party favors you'd like to give out, whether they be edible favors, keepsakes, or something else. Your favors should also correspond to your wedding's theme, whether it be rustic, glamorous, classic, or beachy. While you might be tempted to DIY your wedding favors, know that the process may be a bit time-consuming, so make sure you have the time and energy to assemble your giveaways. You can also order favors from a retailer, many of whom can easily personalize your favors to add an extra-special touch. 

If you’re looking for unique wedding favor ideas, don’t worry! We have you covered with everything you can dream up. Explore these 40 recommendations for your one-of-a-kind big day.

Food and Drink Inspired Wedding Favors 

  1. s'mores wedding favors kit

    Though this wedding favor idea doesn’t include the ingredients to make a mouthwatering s'more—graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow—it’s the right sticker to seal the deal. Plus, it’s a steal in terms of personalized goods. 

    Bliss Collections S’more Love favor gift tag, $10 for 50,

  2. hot sauce wedding favors

    If you're like Beyonce and are never without hot sauce in your bag, these wedding favors are totally ideal. Just print out the tag and tie it to a bottle of your favorite hot sauce—you've got an unforgettable giveaway that your guests will be totally hot for!

    ShopFolksee printable hot sauce label, $10,

  3. donut wedding favor bags

    If you’re hopping on the doughnut table wedding reception trend, consider buying these—adorable!—bags that tie together true love and everyone’s sweet tooth.

    Nottingham Paper Goods Donut Mind If I Do bags, $15 for 25,

  4. edible gold lollipops

    Who says lollipops are just for kids? Especially ones that are made of edible gold! We love this simple, yet classy take-home gift for your guests.

    Uncommon Goods edible gold lollipops, $36 for 6,

  5. coffee wedding favors

    If there’s anything that gets you through early morning and lots of stressful moments, it’s your mutual love of coffee. As one of our favorite wedding favor ideas, this concept allows you to pick your perfect blend of beans! 

    GiveItPretty The Perfect Blend coffee wedding favor, $30 for 20,

  6. wedding favor koozies

    Tailgating during football season, lounging by the shore and enjoying a round at home. Wherever you two are, you have something cold nearby. And this set of 12 koozies is nice way to celebrate your favorite drink.

    SycamoreStudiosCo ‘Cheers to Mr. and Mrs’ can cooler, $51 for 12,

  7. cookie wedding favors

    Let's be real: who doesn't love cookies?! Give all of your guests permission to channel their inner cookie monster with this fun idea. Just add freshly baked goods and you're ready to go.

    PopandErie We Do (Love Cookies) bag, $11 for 20, 

  8. mason jar shot glasses

    Add your name or wedding hashtag to this cute favor, fill it with your potion of choice and have all wedding guests take a shot! Then, they can take it home to remind them of the tipsy (and fun!) evening they had with loved ones. 

    The Knot Shop personalized mini mason jar shot glass, $2 each,

  9. tea wedding favors

    When it comes to the rivalry between coffee and tea-drinkers, you and your partner are firmly on the side of Earl Grey. That’s why this favor is the perfect take-home-sip to give your loved ones.

    Mesnet wedding tea favors, $3 each, 

  10. uncommon goods floral lollipops

    Pretty and classic, flowers are usually a mainstay of any big day. For wedding favor ideas that tie together your love of sweet treats and of the garden, these lollipops get it right.

    Uncommon Goods blooming lollipops, $20 for 8,

  11. honey sticks wedding favors

    Whether they add it to their spot of tea or keep it for a dash of sugar when they need it in a recipe, these cute honey-sticks are sweet and simple. They'll add some bee action to your wedding day — and brighten your guests spirits.

    PlainJane2424 personalized honey stick, $80 for 50,

  12. tea bag wedding favors

    For smaller affairs—or perhaps even as a bridal shower favor, these heart-shaped tea bags are adorable and sweet. We love the sentiment—as well as the attention to detail.

    Uncommon Goods heart-shaped tea bags, $30 for 15,

    Decor and Home Keepsakes

  13. votive with pouch

    Romance is a bit part of any wedding, but if you’re made it your theme this wedding favor idea centers around the flickers of candles. It’s dreamy—and complete with a colorful dip-dyed pouch, too.

    Minted votive with dip-dyed pouch, $5 each,

  14. bottle opener keychain

    What do you want your parents to remember the most? Your bridesmaids? How wonderful the wine, was, right? If so, this personalized bottle opener should top your list of wedding favor ideas.

    EngelCustomDecor personalized bottle opener keychain, $10 each,

  15. playing card wedding favors

    After playing games with far too many singles, you finally drew a solid hand with your one-and-only. These playful cards are fun—and useful for guests to take home.

    Shutterfly All Love playing cards, $10 each,

  16. cork coasters

    If you’re hosting a rustic wedding, these cork coasters are an ideal end-of-night surprise. With your names and date, guests can take these home to protect their furniture all while remember your beautiful big day.

    Awersie personalized cork coasters, $2 each,

  17. bottle stopper wedding favor

    The next time your bridesmaids open a bottle of wine but don't polish it off by the end of the night, they'll think of your wedding favor. Heart-shaped, yet useful, thrill your guests with this thoughtful gift everyone can use.

    AllThingsAngela heart-shaped bottle stopper, $75 for 25,

  18. chopstick wedding favors

    For a Mother Nature-friendly wedding favor idea, we love these personalized chopsticks! Every time your loved ones enjoy sushi, they'll pull these out and think of your fun day.

    YourHappyDay2016 personalized chopsticks, $32 for 20,

  19. matchbook wedding favors

    For wedding favor ideas that really strike a chord in cuteness and practically, try this 25-count personalized matchbox set. Not only is it a cute design but your guests will get plenty of us out of it, too.

    PicturePerfectPapier personalized matchbox, $50 for 25,

  20. key bottle opener favors

    Let’s be real: some wedding favor ideas are cute in theory but are pretty much thrown away right after the celebration. Not so much with this affordable idea that includes fifty key-shaped bottle openers!

    Ella Celebration key bottle openers, $35 for 50,

  21. champagne charms

    Champagne should never be wasted. Rather, it must be enjoyed. That's why these charms are a useful idea for when your guests have house parties in the future.

    LasercustomsWA custom wood champagne charms, $2 each,

  22. salt and pepper wedding favors

    Cute salt and pepper shakers are not only useful, they make a fun addition to any home. We love how these shakers are fashioned in trendy geometric shapes. 

    The Knot Shop geometric salt and pepper shakers, $4 each,

    Rustic Chic Wedding Favors

  23. plantable wish cards

    Your soon-to-be-spouse is your dream come true. Help others make their own wishes that will bloom into gardens with this sweet wedding favor idea—cards that you write a wish on, and then plant in the ground. 

    Uncommon Goods plantable wish cards, $10 for 12, 

  24. succulent wedding favors

    Trendy and pretty, succulents make a stellar addition to any at-home garden. And for those duos looking for wedding favor ideas their guests will actually enjoy, this one is definitely a sweet way to surprise all.

    TheArtesianAlley rosette succulents, $27 for 12,

  25. sapling wedding favors

    For those hosting a winter wedding, this spruce seedling is a fragrant and seasonally-appropriate wedding favor idea. Even if they don’t grow a tree from it, they’ll enjoy the gift from nature.  

    DearlyBeelovedLLC Let Love Grow sapling, $7 each,

  26. maple syrup wedding favors

    If you're planning a fall wedding, you can't go wrong with these mini bottle of maple syrup! Straight from the farm into your guest's homes, you'll make their Saturday morning pancake tradition that much smoother.

    OUUShop maple syrup bottles, $5 each,

  27. watering can wedding favors

    For the perfect wedding favor that doubles as practical, consider these tiny watering cans. Not only do they serve as a great spot to keep flowers but you can give them out to the guests to take home at the end of the evening, too. 

    The Knot Shop miniature metal watering cans, $24 for 12,

  28. personalized honey jar favors

    How sweet it is to be surrounded by love on your big day. These personalized honey jars are fun items to take home for your guests, and are ideal for a summer and spring-time wedding celebration in the great outdoors.

    Cricketsarechirpin personalized honey jar, $43 for 12,

  29. soap wedding favors

    Your friend wedding guests, bridal party and family alike can all appreciation the subtle scents of these personalized soaps. Choose your favorite, customize the label and you're favors are out of the way.

    LeboxBoutique mini wedding soaps, $23 for 10,

    Fun DIY Wedding Favors 

  30. wedding favor lotto ticket bags

    When you met your partner, it was like winning the lottery. Pay the gesture back to your loved one with this personalized scratch-card bag. Who knows, maybe someone will give you some of their millions, if they win! 

    IvoryandSageCo scratch card favor bags, $14 for 20,

  31. seed favors

    For couples with a green thumb, this pack of wildflower is a fragrant and elegant wedding favor idea. You can customize the font and colors and more.

    PlainJane2424 Let Love Grow seed packets, $15 for 15,

  32. mint wedding favors

    You’ll need to add your own candy to these creative bags, but it’s a budget-mindful way to give a favor. We love the play on words—and the simple gesture.

    TheKraftMoon Mint to Be favor bags, $38 for 40,

  33. tic tac labels

    Addicting and adorable, everyone says 'yes' to a Tic-Tac. You can personalize these stickers however you'd like, and then add to Tic-Tacs to pass out on your wedding day. 

    MoreThanWordsABCs personalized Tic-Tac labels, $27 for 48,

  34. drawstring favor bags

    If you can't quite decide what you want to give out at the close of your wedding but you know you'll figure it out last-minute, like you always do, consider purchasing these soft, classic bags. They can be personalized however you would like, and you can wait until the final hour to fill 'em up.

    PureCottonPacking drawstring bags, $50 for 50,

    Destination Wedding Favors

  35. luggage tag wedding favors

    Though these are on the pricier side, for couples who host a destination wedding with only a handful of select guests, it’s a generous offering. Since it’s not personalized, they can use it for their own travels near and far.

    LetterandLeather ‘& So the Adventure Begins’ luggage tags, $72 for 15,

  36. wedding favors fans

    You picked a beautiful, tropical oasis which all of your guests will adore. However, they won't love how very, very hot it can become! That's why this personalized fan is a sweet surprise they can use during and after you say 'I do.'

    WeddingFavorDiscount personalized sandalwood fan, $48 for 24,

  37. wedding favor magnet

    When you decided on your location for your big day, the scenery was a big part of your selection. Whether it was snowy mountain tops or a tropical paradise, select your favorite image and print it on these personalized magnets so your guests can re-visit visually anytime they'd like.

    Shutterfly Modern Scripted love magnet, $10 each,

  38. personalized sunscreen

    Who doesn't appreciate a little extra SPF? This thoughtful gift is as cute as it is useful when hosting a beachy wedding weekend! 

    IslandLifeGifts personalized sunscreen, $96 for 20,

  39. airplane favors

    Up, up and away you go into a happy marriage! We love these sweet personalized gliders to hand out at your destination wedding that took romance to new heights. This is a particularly great gift if you're hosting lots of little ones at your event.

    The Knot Shop 'Love is in the Air' gliders, $18 for 12,

  40. wooden state wedding favors

    Visiting a new place calls for a keepsake to remember the journey. We love these ornaments shaped like various states and countries, and personalized with love as a creative wedding favor idea. 

    EtchedinTimeLLC personalized state ornament, $85 for 100,

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