The Seven Deadly Sins Inspired This Jewel-Tone Destination Wedding in Italy

Reclaiming and celebrating the concept of sin was at the center of Stefano Attardi (39 and a software engineering manager) and James Nguyen’s (32 and

Reclaiming and celebrating the concept of sin was at the center of Stefano Attardi (39 and a software engineering manager) and James Nguyen’s (32 and an apparel technical designer) wedding in Italy. The venue, a 13th-century villa that belongs to Stefano’s family, is covered in Renaissance-style frescos, many of which depict religious themes. However, since the couple isn’t religious, they wanted to find a way to imbue their own style and personality into the space. They settled on sin as a theme to celebrate their day of joyful indulgence. “Embracing the word felt like a small act of rebellion against the idea that a same-sex relationship is sinful,” Stefano says. “Each of the seven deadly sins turned into an opportunity for fun and celebration.”

Eve in the Garden of Eden inspired the day’s moody flowers. As a complement to the idea, Stefano says, “we were especially inspired by a textile design by William Kilburn, an Irish illustrator from the 1700s. It is floral and pretty, but has something dark and sinister about it.” Roses, carnations, dahlias, thistles, snowberries, cosmos, amaranthus, gladioli and eucalyptus comprised the floral arrangements.

Each of the seven deadly sins corresponded to an element of the wedding. “Gluttony for the dinner, sloth for the lounge area, pride for the ceremony, envy for the photo booth, lust for the dance floor,” says Stefano. “We chose a Renaissance painting to illustrate each one and connect the theme to the venue.” 

Alexander McQueen was a must for the couple’s ceremony outfits because he “embodied everything I imagined the wedding to be: unconventional, theatrical and with elevated attention to detail,” says James. “For the evening, we wanted something a little more glitzy.” They changed into silver and gold jacquard suits.

“For the reception area, we went with a Tuscan feel, with custom-built floors, rustic chairs and the Euganean hills in the background,” says James. As self-proclaimed foodies, Stefano and James say it was important to “showcase the best ingredients and dishes Italy has to offer, but—true to our theme—present them in their most sinful, indulgent, gluttonous preparation.” Guests first enjoyed five appetizers, like a crispy polenta sandwich with creamed salt cod, and quail eggs with bottarga. A nine-course tasting menu followed, which included a Bellini sorbet with basil.

In 1969, Stefano’s grandfather purchased the venue where the couple tied the knot, and over the years, he furnished it with locally sourced 17th-century pieces. “I would visit often while I was growing up, especially for family celebrations and New Year’s parties, so I have many memories in that villa,” Stefano says. “We also liked the idea of the villa because it was intimate, exclusive—and free! When we visited a couple of months before the big day, it became clear that rumors had spread and the whole area was abuzz with anticipation. It was cool that with just 50 guests we were able to take over the whole town," explains Stefano. 

“I loved seeing people from different parts of our lives all come together for us,” James says. “I couldn’t stop feeling all of the love and support from the group.”

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