One Couple's Whimsical Blue-and-Green Microwedding at The Tinsmith in Madison, Wisconsin

Ross and Corey tied the knot with a whimsical loft wedding at The Tinsmith in Madison, <a href="

Ross and Corey tied the knot with a whimsical loft wedding at The Tinsmith in Madison, Wisconsin, anchored by a blue-and-green color palette. Instead of filling the day with flower arrangements, the couple leaned into a greenery-centric look that added vibrancy to the industrial loft venue space. Each detail of the wedding day was not only curated to fit their modern-meets-eclectic vibe, but the wedding style also perfectly reflected the couple, their personalities and their priorities. "We didn't have a specific inspiration for our wedding day, but we wanted to base the colors around some of our favorite colors like deep blue and orange," explains the couple. "We are fairly non-traditional and I wanted something different—a lot of the focus when we were looking at wedding inspiration was around a white color palette, which we were not interested in." 

As part of the wedding ceremony, the couple chose to include a lei exchange wedding tradition as a nod to their engagement locale. "We got engaged in Hawaii love the look of leis as opposed to something like a boutonniere and thought it would be something nice to incorporate to mix up the ceremony," explains the couple. 

At the reception for their microwedding, all the guests sat at one large square table so they could spend the evening together. In keeping with the blue-and-green aesthetic, the tablescape included blue linens and blue glassware. And as a fun decor accent, a custom neon sign hung behind Ross and Corey’s seats at the reception table. Dinner wasn’t the boy highlight of the reception—a dinosaur-themed cake and Polaroid guest book were also enjoyed by all wedding guests. And to further enhance the ambiance of the event, the couple curated the musical selections for the evening. "We created our own playlist for our small gathering based on music that we both like," shares the couple. 

Looking back on their blue-and-green wedding at The Tinsmith in Madison, Wisconsin, the couple encourages current to-be-weds in the throes of wedding planning to "be conscious about your overall budget and come in with realistic expectations. We quickly discovered our expectations did not match what we ultimately wanted. Some expectations were much higher than expected and some much lower (like for example rentals cost much less than we expected). Also, don't underestimate the amount of planning needed—we ended up hiring a full-service wedding planner partway through the process since we couldn't dedicate the time needed to plan. And lastly, pnce the day comes just enjoy and have fun!"

Grooms After Lei Exchange
Barn Mircro Wedding Ceremony
Grooms on Wedding Day Next to Custom Signage
Guest Book With Camera
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Fun Guest Book Details
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