Alyssa & Robert

November 19, 2021 • San Rafael, CA, USA

Alyssa & Robert

November 19, 2021 • San Rafael, CA, USA

Our Story

The typical boy-meets-girl-in-a-bar story, with added pick up lines such as "I'm your birthday present," & "You know, if we had kids, they'd be first round draft picks."

But this story starts 7 years prior to that night in the bar, when Alyssa first saw Rob at Woodland High School and knew she wanted to marry him solely because of his good looks and athletic ability.

She was a gangly, awkward freshman. He was a junior and the exact opposite of gangly and awkward. Robert was Alyssa's celebrity crush -- the kind where you have his photo next to your bedside table and only call him by his full name "Robert Abel."

There was no shot these two would date each other in high school. But there was one night where Robert called Alyssa after a tough playoff loss and gave her a pep talk on how to bounce back, control only what you can control, and probably something silly & slightly inappropriate to make her giggle. Little did she know (Robert claims to have known) that these types of conversations would come up clutch and come up often as they both navigated adulthood, careers, and life outside of the comfort of their hometown 10 years later.

Alyssa turned 21 and Rob turned into butter when he saw her walk in to the bar in June of 2011. She had just wrapped up her junior season at Sac State and had grown into the once gangly body of the awkward freshman who was obsessed with The Robert Abel. But the tides had turned -- Rob was now the one trying to sneak hugs and kisses and late night phone calls from Alyssa.

He spent the summer woo-ing her by giving her hitting lessons in the Woodland High cages and teaching her the life lesson of going oppo and avoiding the roll-over. Alyssa had her best offensive season that following year and the most fun dating her celebrity crush.

The relationship grew fast. Robert was labeled "Slash" because Mama Nak would introduce him to family and friends as "Alyssa's 'friend slash boyfriend'."

Alyssa tried to figure out life after college and Robert encouraged her to step away from the 9a - 5p lifestyle and explore different paths that could take her to places she never thought possible. Hello, San Francisco. Robert took Alyssa on a weekend getaway to SF. They frolicked around the Outer Sunset and Ocean Beach at odd hours of the night, walked around the USF campus and baseball stadium, and imagined what life could be like living in a place like San Francisco.

Fast forward a couple years, and instead of imagining what life could be like in SF, they took charge of their careers & set themselves up to actually experience life in SF.

In a world full of change, Robert and Alyssa have been each other's constant. Through some of the darkest days and losing loved ones, they've been each other's rock and greatest support system. Their individuality & "teammate" mentality has allowed them to create and reach dreams that, on paper, seemed unreachable.

"Our journey through life and love with one another has been nothing short of eventful. We are excited and honored to celebrate with our closest friends and family and share more stories of our wild ride."

Much love,

Lyss & Rob