Our Story
How He Proposed...

After work on Friday, December 12, 2014 John and Andrea went to get their Christmas Tree to set up and decorate (one of Andrea's Favorite things to do!). She picked out her perfect tree and rushed home to set it up, get the lights on it, and add on all their sentimental ornaments.

After the tree was fully decorated, John went into their spare room and came out with "this year's ornament" and gave it to Andrea to put on the tree. She looked at it and went to hang it on the tree and John said "Look at the Back" and on the back he wrote "Will You Marry Me?" and hung the ring off the string.

She, of course, said "Yes", and that's what brings you here today :)

Our Wedding

Friday, September 4, 2015
6:30 PM
Ceremony and Reception
Highlawn Pavilion
1 Crest Drive, West Orange, NJ 07052, United States