Our Story
Our Story

In a little town called Sorel-de-Tracey, Quebec both the bride and groom were competing on behalf of their respective provinces when they caught each others eye. With a little help from a couple of the bridesmaids, many flights, road trips, and a move to Regina the happy couple have been together for six years and engaged for one.

The Wedding

Saturday, July 22, 2017
4:00 PM
Breezy Bend Country Club
Headingley, MB
Breezy Bend Country Club
Headingley, MB

Wedding Party

Austin Hay - Maid of Honor

Austin is a long time friend of the bride. They met in elementary school, and their friendship blossomed in high school. Together, they have had many amazing experiences, spent countless hours together, and have always been there for each other. Austin is a beautiful mommy of two, and the bride enjoys her hilarious stories and her endless support. The bride knows she will be a fantastic Maid of Honour because she is one of the most amazing and loving individuals!

Chantel Savage - Bridesmaid

Chantel is a long time friend of the bride. They met in elementary school, and their friendship blossomed in high school. The bride doesn't know what she would do without her! Together they have experienced a lot of life's greatest and most awkward times together. Her beauty, infectious laugh, willingness to take charge, and wonderful personality can light up anyones day. The bride knows she is lucky to have her as a friend, and is so excited to have her there on the big day.

Briane Meilleur - Bridesmaid

Briane and the bride have been friends since they started curling together in Juniors. Aside from being an all-star curler, she is equally that as a friend. Together, they have won championships, travelled to many interesting places in Canada (including where the bride met the groom!), and most recently are playing together again! The bride is so excited to share in the day with Briane. The bride thinks Briane is hilarious, beautiful, and talented. The bride also thinks she has an awesome name.

Krysten Karwacki - Bridesmaid

Krysten has been friends with the bride since they started curling together in juniors. Krysten was always a stellar team mate, and one of the kindest individuals the bride knows! Together they have many memories of travel, competition, and lake life to mention a few. Krysten is beautiful, creative, and a very loyal friend. The bride considers herself lucky to have her a part of the wedding process, and is looking forward to sharing even more memories with her.

Trent Knapp - Best Man

Taking all the stress out of picking a best man, I introduce to you... the twin of the groom! The groom and Trent were essentially joined by the hip growing up, and while there was a lot of worry as to why they curled on different teams this past season, the bottom line is they are still roomies and best buds.

Ryan Meakin - Groomsman

Brother of the bride, brilliant engineer, and a great brother-in-law to be.

Jordan Lougheed - Groomsman

Went through two university programs together, and now work side by each in physiotherapy practice...there's no better guy to share a rye or a dark beer with.

Braeden Moskowy - Groomsman

Junior curling teammate, fantasy football co-owner, and companion of the bride and groom from day one. Thanks for setting us up.