Our Story
The Way We Met

Brittney and Ryan met their freshman year at Baylor University. They were introduced by mutual friends at the annual Relay for Life event on campus. Ryan asked Brittney out to a party the following night. The nights after that they would walk around Baylor's campus for hours just talking. During one of the walks they stopped at a bench close to their residence hall. There Ryan asked Brittney to be his girlfriend.

The Proposal Story

Ryan tricked Brittney into taking a day trip down to Waco to "meet some friends" for the day. After breakfast at their favorite spot Ryan took Brittney to campus. They walked to the bench that Ryan had asked Brittney to be his girlfriend at many years earlier. Brittney was trying to clean off the bench when Ryan said "Can you just sit down?!" So Brittney sat down and Ryan dropped to one knee and asked Brittney to marry him.

The Wedding

Saturday, June 23, 2018
4:30 PM
Attire: Semi-formal
First Baptist Church
Farmers Branch, TX 75234, USA
Dallas/Addison Marriott Quorum by the Galleria
14901 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX

As this is a Semi-formal event please no denim or head wear (i.e. hats) for the Ceremony or Reception.

Wedding Party

Ashley - Maid of Honor

Ashley has been my best friend since we were neighbors at Baylor Line Camp. We grew a friendship based on a love of food and punk rock. She was there the first night I ever noticed Ryan and has been by my side for almost seven years!

Brooklyn - Bridesmaid

Brooklyn is my niece and is very excited to be part of our special day. She has considered Ryan her uncle for a long time now and is ready to make it official!

Natalie - Bridesmaid

Natalie is basically the girl version of Ryan. They have been great friends since our freshman year of college and he introduced us knowing we would hit it off. It was my honor to stand with Natalie on her wedding day and I'm very excited she'll be standing with me at mine!

Kendall - Bridesmaid

Kendall has been my best friend for over ten years! We grew up together in Sunday School and church activities. She has been there through every heartbreak it took to get me to Ryan. She is always there with loving advice and a shoulder to cry on when necessary.

Pamela - Bridesmaid

Pamela Sue has been by my side since our days in Lionettes. We grew up together in church but grew together in friendship through dancing together everyday. She can always make me laugh and she just shines happiness all the time. She's a true blessing to have in my life.

Molly - Bridesmaid

Molly is the firecracker that everyone needs in their life. She will bring you back to reality with her knowledge that is beyond her years. She is fun and witty and always down for a good dance party.

Diana - Bridesmaid

Diana is just a sweet person. She is the busiest person I know but always seems to have time to be a good friend to me. We love to love cheese together and briskly walking 5Ks !

Cristina - Bridesmaid

Cristina was Ryan's best friend first but I stole her as soon as I could. She is fun, has a great laugh and is my kickboxing partner!

Morgan - Bridesmaid

Over the years Morgan has been a very close to friend to Ryan and I. She is not afraid to tell you how she feels! She will stand up for her friends, and has done that for me many times, and what she believes in. She is spunky and fun and always ready for a good time!

London Gunn - Flower Girl

London is my third cousin and just about the most adorable little girl you will ever see.

Ben Golan - Best Man
Zachary DeVine - Groomsman
Ryan Blue - Groomsman
Trent Haire - Groomsman
Landry Finch - Groomsman
Austin Mears - Groomsman
Ryan Peskey - Groomsman
Tyler Broduer - Groomsman
Gavin DeVine - Ring Bearer