Our Story

We got engaged at the Southwick Zoo - There are more pictures in our album!

The Wedding

Sunday, September 2, 2018
11:30 AM
Attire: Wedding attire
247 Woodbound Rd, Rindge, NH 03461, USA

Due to the space limitations, this is an adult only event.

Other Events

Saturday Dinner
Saturday, September 1, 2018
5:30 PM

A celebration with our overnight guests. Details to come.

Wedding Party

Rebeccca - Mate of Honor

Can’t marry my miss without my sis! Caitlin’s younger (and only) sister will be helping with the bridal preparations.

Jen - Captain Officiant

Kris’ good friend from high school will be marrying us and participating in all the wedding weekend events!

Danny - Head Usher

Kris’ nephew will be keeping all the other ushers in line and on time!

Emily - Usher

Stephanie’s daughter will be assisting with the ceremony and reception.

Kalli - Ringbearer

Our oldest pup will be helping out at the ceremony and reception.

Nikola - Best Man

The youngest of our pup pack - his only job is to pose for cute photos!

Debbie - Mother of the Bride

Caitlin’s mother is a jill of all trades and has been helping with the little details since Planning Day 1!!

Jim - Father of the Bride

Caitlin’s father will be attending all wedding events and can answer any boating (specifically sailing) questions that come up!

Stephanie - Mate of Honor

Kris’ cousin will be helping out with our busy wedding weekend!

Omar - Comedian

Jen’s husband will be doing some standup and keeping everyone in good spirits!

Anthony - Usher

Kris’ nephew will be helping arriving guests navigate our venue

Timmy - Usher

Kris’ nephew will be directing guests to the reception

Kizzi - Flower Girl

Kizzi will bark at any wedding crashers and provide some entertainment

Susan - Mother of the Bride

Kris’ mother goes by Nana and will be celebrating everything wedding with us!

Bruce - Father of the Bride

Kris’ father is known to us as Bump and will be sharing his birthday with our wedding anniversary date!