Chris & Yu

June 21, 2019Boston, MA, USA

Our Story
All start with a "Guten Morgen"!

Yu had Chris at Guten Morgen, Good Morning in German. It's the only German she could spell. It sufficed! She broke the ice on a sunny April morning after we recovered from snow storms burdened by a severe winter. It was fortuitous!

Guten Morgan led to Guten Abend, good evening, an evening spent at Paint Nite near Fenway Park. Yu in a Nike shoe shirt ever the talented artist painted a knock-out Monet-inspired sailboat embossed by a beautiful sunset; Chris painted an impression of a blotch over a discolored blotch comparable to a bad Rorschach test. Guten Abends led to Guten Nachts, good nights, watching British comedies like hot fuzz and spending too much time in questionable art museums where we bonded over bad modern art designs. We warmed up to each other in the early days of spring and let our love bloom over the summer.

Chris and Yu shared a passion for discovery; frequently traveling. They basked on Magen Bay Beach (St. Thomas), Eagle Beach (Aruba) and Waikiki beach (Hawaii) dancing under fireworks shadowed by the beautiful inactive volcano, Diamond Head. 9-days were spent hiking: Bryce, Zion, the Grand Canyon and taking photos at Antelope Canyon. Yu loves photography. We discovered hoards of cats in Puerto Rico, while Yu equally awed and disgusted photographed the even more common scaly and hideous Iguanas. Nights were spent in NYC where we laughed until it hurt watching broadway shows like "Kinky Boots" and "The Book of Mormon". Afterwards, we hunted for the best pizza in NYC and debated going to a Michelin Star restaurant. We are both foodies! The best experiences are shared in the glow of a lovers caring and wonderful eyes. Hers and his.

Not everything went according to plan! We had many great laughs and scares. Chris was as traumatized about "Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man", an off-broadway show, as Yu was afraid of the "Rattlers", Eastern Diamond-back rattlesnakes, awaiting our emanate demise at the bottom of Bryce Canyon. Yu saved Chris when he accidentally bought $2300.00 modernistic picture on a cruise ship auction (for his mother) and watched Yu tactfully negotiate it down to a up-and-coming Russian impressionist for a sweet $300.00. We love that painting. Yu overtook Chris at St. Kitts Volcano Liamuiga (I still can't pronounce it) on a steep tropical climb; Chris cursed the entire way up! Yu and her step mill! Yu wanted to surprise Chris with an expensive dinner at Lake Powell, Utah only to find the view was pitch black. We couldn't see a thing! We made up the next day by taking a riverside cruise and seeing the giant artificial lake up close and personal. Yu and Chris purchased the house and one-month later discovered corroded bathroom pipes. The plumber brought a blow torch and still ended up replacing the entire thing! The frustrating barrage of A/B split tests involved with Yu's shiny engagement ring! We struggled through these mishaps, it made our love and faith in each other stronger! Occasionally tested our nerves :P.

The growing romance and strong feelings naturally led to the Question. Chris proposed on a desert island, the beautiful Aruba, a white conch shell in hand and a beautiful sunset in the background. Chris thinks it's only half as beautiful as Yu's first Paint Nite. It was romantic except for ... Chris blundering the proposal words. We re-attempted the following day on Eagle Beach soaked in rain! Not all was lost, Yu found a beautiful lighthouse overlooking the bay. A beautiful cliff surrounded by candle lights and great Italian food! The spirit was there if the nerves and weather were lacking!

The story started on an ordinary yet life-changing Spring morning. Starting from there, Chris and Yu hope to enjoy every day with moments like these! Celebrating life with joy, laughter and many many adventures together.

We hope to celebrate this wonderful life altering event: June 21, 2019. Equidistant between our birthdays symbolizing symmetry, each minute a cherished mirror of the other's experience. Please come and celebrate the union of Chris and Yu with much love and appreciation!

With deep love to our friends and family,

Chris and the lovely Yu

Ceremony - Boston City Hall

Friday, June 21, 2019
2:00 PM
Ceremony and Reception
Boston City Hall
1 City Hall Square #500, Boston, MA 02201, USA

We will be married at City Hall at 2:00 pm Friday. 4 guests will be present for the vowels (due to City Hall Restrictions).

The Party and Celebration

Saturday, June 22, 2019
2:00 PM
Our Belmont House!
56 Berwick Street #2, Belmont, Ma 02478

Come over to Yu and Chris' place and enjoy a great time with family and friends. Snacks provided.

Dinner Reception
Saturday, June 22, 2019
6:30 PM
The Capital Grille
900 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02115, USA

Enjoy a dinner reception with Chris and Yu as they celebrate their first day as a married couple!