Christine & Bryce

June 2, 2019San Jose, CA

Our Story
Christine's Version

In true Bollywood fashion, when I first met Bryce, I thought he was one of the most annoying people in our class. He never ceased to provide some sort of anti-California comment which was a major turn off. The first time I recall meeting Bryce was when I in the grocery store parking lot with one of our now mutual friends (Aditya, who happens to be a groomsman!). It was around the first week of school, and I remember just briefly stating that a group of fellow students were getting together later that evening for dinner at a Thai restaurant and Bryce was welcome to join if he wanted. I later wanted to retract that invitation as while Aditya and I were shopping, Bryce had somehow snuck ghost peppers into Aditya's shopping cart which led to Aditya accusing me of murderous intent. For those of you who don't know Bryce, death by spice is a common prank he loves to play. Perhaps, that's why he chose to have some Indian spice by his side for the rest of his life!

Somehow though, we decided to spend time outside of the classroom. I specifically recall asking him casually to join me at Mass on Sunday without expecting him to take me up on it. He surprisingly did, and that was another memorable story that you'll have to ask me person if you don't already know it!

We spent more time together watching "Scrubs" and Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" on Netflix and eventually just grew to be really great friends, until he decided to kiss me which worked out in the long run for him. Initially though, I may have said I was confused and called him caustic, ignorant, and another descriptive word. Like I said, it was definitely not love at first sight for us!

I like to call Bryce my "diamond in the rough" because I firmly believe that our love really formed in the high pressure environment of medical school. At least, that's the poetic answer. The other part of it is that Bryce is a very special person that took some warming up to, and amidst the roughness that he is, he definitely sparkles as a person and has a special charm. I've really enjoyed the past 3 years together, meeting each other's friends and learning what makes each of us tick. I can firmly say that there is no one I am more comfortable in the world with than Bryce and that is exactly how I knew he was the one.

Bryce is the person who I know would be willing to try anything (and literally anything) with me, and he's the person that I too would also try literally anything with. Including skiing, which are another set of stories that we'll have to share with you.

There is no one in the world I am more comfortable with than Bryce. He is my ultimate confidant, and that is how I knew without a doubt that he was and is the one for me. All I can say, is that we've already had so many adventures, and so many stories to share, and I just cannot wait to make many more! I would have never imagined that I would fall in love with a Midwest boy from Ohio, but life certainly has had a way of surprising me and making me a firm believer in fate.

Bryce’s Version

I met Christine in the first few days of medical school in a Fry’s grocery store parking lot though our mutual friend Aditya. She was from a far different background and culture than my own but we shared a few interests, chief among them was surviving our first two years of school. She was kind enough to invite me to dinner with some other first years who became our core group of friends throughout medical school. Anyone who has been through med school or something similar knows how lonely it can be. Studying up to 14 hours per day doesn’t leave a lot of room for social life. Watching TV or studying in the library with friends soon became the highlight of my day. I still remember quizzing Christine and our friend Nadine on Anatomy and for every wrong answer I would toss a vertebrae at them. They learned really fast. Fast forward past one failed relationship for me and 3 more months of medical school and I did not have a lot to be happy about, but somehow Christine always seemed to know when I needed cheering up. She quickly became my best friend and I thought there was potential for a relationship. Fast forward again past an awkward first kiss, first dates in flash flood conditions in Phoenix and meeting each other’s parents (one of my parent’s first questions, “Do you like elephants”) and I began to really understand how incredible a person Christine was.

Over the next three years we had too many adventures to recount. Dipping our feet into an icy river in Washington state, watching the sunset over the Arizona desert, Christine pushing me off of a chairlift, and cheering each other on through the hardest days of med school are all happy (looking back on it) memories of mine. Christine would always ask me, “Why do you love me?” . I decided to answer the question definitely on February 23, 2018 with a book titled the The Reasons I Love Christine (Yes, it will be at the wedding) The last page contained the big question and she hasn’t changed her mind yet so I have that to be thankful for.

Christine is the love of my life and I hope you all are able to see us get married on June 2, 2019. You may even hear a few stories of our triumphs and blunders over the years that Christine alluded to in her previous narrative. Come celebrate life and love with us and if nothing else, there will be an open bar.

The Wedding

Sunday, June 2, 2019
1:15 PM
Attire: Cocktail Hour Attire, Semi-Formal
St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception - Los Gatos, CA
219 Bean Avenue, Los Gatos, CA 95030
Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery
410 Vineyard Avenue, Pleasanton, CA

We kindly ask you to arrive by 1:15PM at St. Mary's Parish in Los Gatos.

The festivities will continue at Casa Real starting at 4:00PM. Can't wait to celebrate with you all!

We kindly request no boxed gifts on the day of our celebration. Thank you!