Cody & Brandon

October 24, 2020Elizabethtown, NC

Our Story
Where It All Began
A love story not quite like any other. Cody and Brandon became friends randomly on Instagram in December of 2017. It’s still debated on who sent who a message first, but regardless, a message was sent. Cody and Brandon quickly sparked an interest in each other and began frequently chatting. In fact, Cody cancelled his New Year plans that year to hang out with Brandon, which Brandon never showed up to! Over the course of 2018 they continued to talk frequently and plan many times to hang out, again, it never happened (Brandon was afraid he would meet the man of his dreams if he met up with Cody, and he did!) In fact, it wasn’t until March of 2019 when Cody received a phone call at 4AM in the morning one Sunday. Brandon called to ask Cody if he would come see him in Virginia. Being skeptical, Cody was unsure if this was serious but decided to get in his car and drive to Lynchburg, Virginia that very moment. Cody arrived at Brandon’s at 7:30AM that Sunday morning and met Brandon for the very first time face to face. Unlike most encounters, there wasn’t one bit of nervousness or awkwardness. Cody and Brandon literally fell in love at first sight. Since March of 2019, they’ve made the long distance relationship work the best it could. I guess you could say, it was such a perfect relationship, they both knew right away and Cody got down on one knee August 17, 2019 and asked Brandon for his hand in marriage. Brandon was so shocked he couldn’t barely speak, but confirmed with a very sweet “yes, I will baby.” They will be residents of Raleigh, North Carolina where Cody practices Law. Brandon and Cody plan to have two special children and live a lifetime of happiness! #HappilyEverMoss
The Wedding

Saturday, October 24, 2020
5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Attire: Formal
By invitation only
Wedding Party

Daniel W. Moss - Groomsman
Benjamin T. McLawhorn, Esq. - Groomsman
Courtney Bryant - Groomswoman
George Bryant - Groomsman
Paige L. Miller - Groomswoman
Kendra White, Esq. - Groomswoman