Dan & Amanda

Long Beach Island, NJ

Dan & Amanda

Long Beach Island, NJ

Our Story

When you allow God to write your love story, you know it’s going to be the BEST story!

How God did it…

Once upon a time there was a girl who found her identity and worth in Jesus. That girl was me. God then put a very special desire on my heart, to be a wife. It all started with a prayer. I prayed because I know God is the true match maker. I PRAYED and I WAITED on God’s timing. I BELIEVED God saved His best for me and when He was finished preparing us for each other, He would send my husband to find me. I prayed for for a man that would be drawn to my spirit and natural beauty. A God fearing man that would support me in growing closer to God. A man that I could plan a life together with, which would enhance the life I have already built. I prayed for my life to be aligned with the Will of God. And during the wait, I allowed God to mend my broken heart from past relationships. I wholeheartedly loved and served the Lord during this time. I studied His Word and I patiently waited.

I was introduced to Danny for the first time on May 19th, 2019. At that time, I had no idea what God was preparing for our future. I waited. It felt like I waited forever for Danny to ask me out. A lifetime for our first kiss. But the wait was worth it. It gave God more time to prepare us for each other. Dating for us didn’t look the same as other relationships because we were busy being full-time parents to our children and including them in everything we did. Through these unique circumstances, God slowly revealed Danny’s heart to me. I remember going out to lunch with Danny and before eating our food, he offered to pray for us right there in the restaurant. I admired his abilities to be a spiritual leader, even in a public setting.

One night we were reading a marriage devotional together it stated that the person we choose as our lifetime partner is not our ultimate destination, but our spiritual companion with whom you and your children can move through life with and ultimately usher us into the arms of our Savior…

I thought about how patient Danny is when I have multiple days I am helping at the church. I thought about how generous he is with his time and energy as he too began serving along next to me. There is no place I would rather be than in the presence of God with his hand in mine, serving others and loving others together.

On September 25, 2020, Danny proposed to me and it was the best night of my whole life. It's an unexplainable feeling when God walks you right into the life you prayed for. Danny is an answered prayer and he has made all my dreams come true. He compliments my strengths and my weaknesses and he brings out the best in me. Thank you Danny for letting me see Him every day in the way that you love me. God gives the most perfect gifts and even though Danny and I are not perfect, God knew we are perfect for each other. When two people come together and pour into each other’s needs and put God first, it's an amazing and unbreakable relationship. I can’t wait to say “I do!”

There are so many remarkable love stories in the Bible, but the one I find myself reading the most is the love story of Rebekah and Isaac. It was a romantic story based solely on God’s guidance. It started with a prayer for success that God would bless someone else (a selfless prayer from Abraham’s servant when searching for a wife for Isaac). As a result of being guided by God, not only was Isaac and Rebekah’s first meeting a success, but more importantly, so was their marriage.

I pray God continues to faithfully mold and guide our lives and decisions today, tomorrow and every day. I pray that through the way that we love each other, everybody around us will feel loved, known and seen by you God. Lord, I pray that you would multiply this wonderful example of successful guidance amongst us. May there be more and more couples coming together and being able to say, “This is from the Lord.”