Our Story
How We Met

Our story began when Wesley came across Dylan's blog on Facebook one Sunday afternoon, totally out of the blue. As he read her blogposts with interest, he noticed she lived in Seattle where she worked as a buyer for Zulily, just across the water from where Wesley lived in Poulsbo. Wesley also recognized she was a Christian, conservative woman. He wanted to meet her.

Now was the time to make his bold move. After spending a few days perfecting his masterpiece, Wesley sent Dylan an email inviting her to the Submarine Officers' Birthday Ball. You never know where a single email can take you! This email changed everything. Fortunately Dylan was curious about who was bold enough to send such an email and she agreed to meet him for coffee. When she saw him at the coffee shop in Pioneer Square she was pleased with his 6'6" stature, his warm smile, and the fact that he had just come from church. Three points for Wesley. He scored a second date, and a third, and a fourth, and a fifth, and in the weeks that followed the Bainbridge-Seattle ferry route became very familiar to Dylan and Wesley as they commuted across the Puget Sound to spend time together.

The Submarine Ball was a huge success, and soon it was time for Wesley to go back out to sea on the submarine. Despite the separation and limited communication, Dylan and Wesley grew closer together and enjoyed every opportunity to spend time together when Wesley was home. They relied on God's strength to get through those weeks apart. Last fall when the Navy issued orders to relocate Wesley to San Diego, CA, Wesley and Dylan prayed about it and felt God was leading them BOTH to San Diego. They are really excited to start their married life here in sunny SoCal!

The Wedding

Friday, July 1, 2016
6:00 PM
Attire: Semiformal
Ceremony and Reception
Millennium Hotel Minneapolis
1313 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403, United States