Erin & Greg

June 10, 2023 • Seattle, WA, USA

Erin & Greg

June 10, 2023 • Seattle, WA, USA

5K Walk or Run

Together Furever 5K

Thank you for joining us for our 5K walk or run! This will be very casual and is really just another opportunity to spend time with our friends and family in a lovely outdoor area.

Green Lake is very special to Erin and me. When we met, Erin lived very close to this lake so we would frequently come here to run/walk/hang out. Later, when my parents visited Seattle with their dogs, this lake is where they met Erin for the first time. And later again, when my brother first met Erin, our first meal together was at Shelter Lounge on the east side of Green Lake (since closed and reopened as Wooden City Tavern).

Thank you again for joining us on this very non-traditional wedding event and giving us another wonderful memory to associate with this place.

We will be meeting at the southwest side of Green Lake (here). When you arrive, look for a table near the pin.

There should be ample parking in the area along with restrooms, dog parks, etc.


10:00am - Arrive and pick-up t-shirts

10:30am - Start the fun run/walk

12:00pm - End the race

5K is roughly one loop around the lake (give or take a few hundred feet).

After the run

After the run, we'll be heading to Bongos, a nearby restaurant/bar with a lot of outdoor seating. They have plenty of parking at the restaurant or near the restaurant so you can either walk or drive.

Quick Q&A

What if I need running/walking gear before the race?

Great question! On the east side of Green Lake is a store called Super Jock 'n Jill. They have a great assortment of shoes and attire. We go there frequently.

Do I have to go to Bongos?

No, of course not! We're just so excited that you came out to one of our favorite places in Seattle.

How much should I expect to spend at Bongos?

The menu is here. Expect about $15-20 on food and let your thirst dictate your drink budget.

Is this where you had your engagement pictures taken?

Yes, yes it is! Good eye!

Where is the building in the background of your main picture?

That is on the east side of Green Lake. Feel free to head over if you'd like to recreate the picture.