Erin & Devon

Date To Be AnnouncedNashville, TN

Our Story
Our Story

Erin's Story:
I met Devon (or should I say swiped right?) roughly a year after arriving back to Nashville, TN. Upon our initial meeting, I remember texting my roommate at the time saying "I am going to marry this guy." I was enamored with Dev's spirit, energy, sense of humor and his overall compassion he had for people in general. Throughout the years, time has done nothing but validate all of those initial feelings. The past three years I have learned all about Dev's patience, his ability to continuously calm me down and his loyalty to family and friends. We are lucky to share our special day with our families who we love so much and our cherished friends!

Dev's Story

When I first met Erin, I couldn't stop smiling. I remember feeling that this person is my other half. Her personality, her laugh and of course her little dog Gus caught my heart. I knew that this was someone that I wanted to share my life with. On December 20th, 2018, I asked her to spend the rest of her life with me and the dive bar we shared our first date. With miller high lifes, wings and posters of Patrick Swayze on the wall, it was the start of something special. I can't wait to start the first chapter of that shared life with our family and friends on June 13th, 2020!

The Wedding

Date To Be Announced
Attire: Cocktail Attire
Ceremony and Reception
The Bridge Building Event Spaces
2 Victory Ave Suite 100, Nashville, TN, 37213
Wedding Party

Sally Gatza - Maid of Honor
Sidney Burngasser - Bridesman
Novel Day - Bridesmaid
Katy Cagle-Kloap - Bridesmaid
Jason Walls - Bridesman
Laryn Hilderbrandt - Bridesmaid
Kaila Bivens - Bridesmaid
Covington Varnadore - Flower Girl
Charleston Varnadore - Flower Girl
Nathan Belcher - Best Man
Cody Hilderbrandt - Groomsman
Caleb Keas - Groomsman
Sam Strother - Groomsman
Ross Nowland - Groomsman
Alex Stengel - Groomsman
Camdyn Moeller - Ring Bearer