Janée & Jake

September 8, 2019Anaheim, CA

The Wedding

Sunday, September 8, 2019
4:30 PM
Oak Canyon Nature Center
6700 E Walnut Canyon Rd, Anaheim, CA 92807, USA
Orange Hill Restaurant
6410 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92869, USA

The Nature Center has somewhat limited parking availability. The Anaheim Hills Golf Course down the street has a large parking lot.

Our reception will be located at a restaurant and event center about 15 minutes from the ceremony! It will begin at 5:30PM. Valet parking is free.

We look forward to having fun with our family to celebrate our marriage!

Wedding Party

Kylee Moran - Maid of Honor

Kylee is Janée's younger sister.

Aimee Moran - Maid of Honor

Aimee is Janée's younger sister.

Avery Besaw - Bridesmaid

Avery is Janée's daughter. She turned 3 years old in June. She is excited to officially have Jake as her step dad and gain 2 sisters!

Dylan Farris - Best Man

Dylan is Jake's younger brother. Watch out Dylan.. you're gaining 3 sisters! Yikes!

Olivia Madril-Farris - Bridesmaid

Olivia is one of Jake's twin daughters. You can tell them apart by noticing their height. Olivia is a few inches taller than Sophia!

Sophia Madril-Farris - Bridesmaid

Sophia is Jake's twin daughter. They are 7 years old and looking forward to having a younger sister!