Jennie Carol & Horace Tam Phuc

April 4, 2020Lytle Creek, California, USA

Jennie and Horace met in 2007, their freshman year of high school. They end up having four classes together and it didn't take long for them to notice each other. Their foundation to their relationship has always been based on their friendship. Of course, both didn't realize that they liked each other on a deeper level. But one day, Jennie decided to just share the "I like you" words to Horace and being the Horace that he is, was to shy to say it back and things just got awkward from there, putting a dent on their friendship for the time being. But, it was always in the back of Horace's mind, that he may have blown the opportunity.

Two years passed and Jennie and Horace hadn't spoken to one another. Until, senior year of high school, they ended of having another class together. Horace knew he couldn't blow the opportunity to just say "Hi" and maybe rekindle the relationship. From that simple greeting in October 2011, the two picked up from where they left off. Horace was finally mature and brave enough to speak his words into existence and they finally defined their relationship on February 25, 2011 after four months of dating.

They went onto college, supporting each other in their endeavors. After graduating college, both began fulfilling their dreams into careers. Horace playing professional basketball overseas in Vietnam and Jennie working as a critical care nurse. The two have supported each other through the long distance relationship and because of their sacrifices for one another, it has gotten them where they are today.

So after eight years of being together, Horace FINALLY proposed to Jennie in Hawaii and they can't wait to share their special day with family and friends!