Justine & Michael

November 2, 2019Sarasota

Our Story
A Little Bit About Us

Mike and Justine both worked for Publix for quite some time before their paths crossed. One night when Mike was the closing manager for the store he stopped by the pharmacy just to chat. While Justine had seen him around the store, she had never really had a chance to talk to him, or notice how cute he is! It wasn’t long after that they became Facebook friends and made plans for a first date. I think they both agreed that their first date of pizza and moscow mules on the couch was the best ever first date.

Since that first date, Mike and Justine have become best friends and number one travel partners. They’ve been to Denmark, Sweden, New York, North Carolina, Key West, England, Switzerland and Italy in the past year. They look forward to seeing the world together for many years to come!

When they aren’t planning a trip, they enjoy spending time with their mini-schnauzer Daisy, sending each other memes and ordering platters of chicken nuggets from Chik fil-a.

Most importantly, they are both thankful for the opportunity to spend quality time with each other’s families. They are extremely grateful for these relationships and the support they have received from both their immediate and extended family.

Thank you for being a part of our story!
-Michael and Justine

The Wedding

Saturday, November 2, 2019
5:00 PM
Ceremony and Reception
Sandhill Preserve
11140 Sandhill Preserve Dr, Sarasota, FL
Adult reception to follow

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Justine: 941-720-0144

Michael: 770-570-9002