Our Story
First Date

Kelby and I met 7 years ago as a blind date for prom.

My best friend Brittany Roby was going to take Seth Purk to the prom, and she wanted to make sure I had a date as well. She gave me his number in Spanish class (after reminding her like 10x it felt l0l), but then I debated on when to text him. I texted him hey :) right before a run, thinking he would not text back right away. Long and behold, five minutes later I received a message from Kelby, "Wat's up"! I was SOOOO excited. We texted for hours, asking questions and just getting to know each other!

We saw each other for the first time in Dunhams Parking lot, where we met for our first date which was a double date with Roby and Seth! We met in the shoes department, where we then continued our date at the movies. At first we did not say a word to each other till Roby said, "This is Kaylynn and this is Kelby, now talk". After the movies we talked for a couple hours in Seth's car. After the date ended, I knew I wanted to see him again!

I asked him to my Junior Prom!! We went to my Junior Prom together, which was the BEST dance ever! (Even though he forgot my corsage, but I have to say he covered it up pretty well). He even sent flowers the following Wednesday saying, "Just because it is Wednesday!" We continued hanging out for a while, but the distance and school kind of got in the way. And unfortunately we stopped talking for a couple of months.

But then we started texting again at the new year and he sent me the cutest singing bull with chocolates for valentines day. We had our second first date at the movies again, where we talked for hours after. I then decided I wanted to ask Kelby to my Senior Prom!

But we didn't start dating until April 17,2011. I knew I wanted to ask Kelby out after the University of Findlay concert, because he said he wanted a confident woman! Well I kept chickening out, until he was getting ready to leave. I wrote on a piece of paper.... Will you go out with me? Check yes or no. I handed him the paper right before he left and called immediately with his answer.... YES!!!


Kelby had asked Kaylynn to come on a walk with him and Zeyk. However, Kaylynn was working on her Level I fieldwork paper and did not want to stop. She told him to go on without her, and that she would be done by the time they got back. He didn't budge, instead he just sat in the chair patiently waiting.

Finally, Kaylynn was done and said she was ready to go on a walk. They walked around the block and when they were nearing the last light on the street, Kelby asked Kaylynn if she remembered how she asked him out almost 6 years ago? Of course she did. He then pulled out a piece paper and said, "I've been thinking of you all day and made you this!" As Kaylynn was opening the paper, that said "Will you Marry Me? Check Yes or No", he was bending down on one knee. Asking "Kaylynn Jessica Kaeck Will you Marry me??" Of course she said YES!!! (However, she did keep asking "are you for real!?" because she was so surprised) With so much joy and happiness!!!! She was so surprised and excited!!

Deleted Scenes

This is the story of how I proposed...almost

I wanted to propose in a special way, but I wasn't for sure how to do it. I wasn't for sure of the day or time or how I wanted to propose. I didn't realize how much stress/pressure this put on me, so I started thinking of crazy ideas that would be unique to my personality. Little did I know what was about to unfold in the next couple weeks.

I first narrowed down the day. I knew I wanted to pick the weekend and I didn't want to wait much longer. So I picked the day using some of my favorite numbers (3/12/17).

I wanted to include our dog Zeyk because he loves her too. At this time, Zeyk had a dog vest we used when we took him out for walks. So, I was thinking of how to utilize him for the proposal.

I decided I was going to crinkle a small, padded envelope and put the ring in it and stick it half-way in his vest. I wanted it to look like trash because my ploy was to act like he got loose and ran away and somehow this "trash" got caught up in his vest.


I snuck the ring out and took Zeyk on a walk. I tied him to a tree behind our apartment, which is part of a line of large shrubs and other little trees. Then I put the package in his vest and I had to run all the way around the apartment to get inside and told Kaylynn that he got free and I needed her help. I led her to the area where he was and my heart and stomach just sank.....


All that I could see was his vest! Kaylynn is freaking out because the dog somehow got out of his vest and is missing. I am freaking out because I couldn't see the package.

He ended up being about 3 whole apartment buildings away (long apartments) and he started running back when he saw us. While she was distracted, I went to the vest and......


I frantically looked around! Thank the LORD, I saw the package laying on the ground a couple feet away! I hurried and grabbed it and stuck it in my coat without her seeing. As we headed back inside, I said out-loud..."Well, that was a complete fail!" Kaylynn said, "huh?" and I said, "Nothing, Nevermind"

The Wedding

Friday, July 6, 2018
6:30 PM
Ceremony and Reception
Oasis Golf Club & Conference Center
902 Loveland-Miamiville Rd, Loveland, OH 45140, USA
Wedding Party

Leanne Spring - Matron of Honor
Christina Shotts - Maid of Honor
Sadie Brookman - Bridesmaid
Haley Shepard - Bridesmaid
Kileen Kaeck - Bridesmaid
Brittany Young - Bridesmaid
Seth Purk - Best Man
Kolesen McCoy - Groomsman
Mark Wallen - Groomsmen
Dalton Michael - Usher
Wyatt - Usher
Maxton and Autumn - Ring Bearer and Flower Girl