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Lakshmi & Atul

June 11, 2022 • Gaiole in Chianti, Province of Siena, Italy

Lakshmi & Atul

June 11, 2022 • Gaiole in Chianti, Province of Siena, Italy


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June 11, 2022
Gaiole in Chianti
Province of Siena

Shuttle Transportation

Thursday, June 9 - Florence to Chianti

We will have shuttles taking guests from Florence to the Chianti region at two times on Thursday– 2:00pm and 7pm

Guests who will already be in Florence - take the 2pm Shuttle

Please meet centrally at the lobby of the Plaza Hotel Lucchesi in downtown Florence (Google Maps) by 1:45pm

First Shuttle - 2:00pm

- 2:00pm - Shuttle will make first stop at Plaza Hotel Lucchesi in Florence and then go to the Airport

- 2:30pm - Shuttle will stop by the Florence Airport departures to pick up guests who have arrived earlier in the morning

- 3:45-4pm - Shuttle will drop off guests at Radda hotels (Palazzo Leopoldo, San Niccolo, and CDH Radda) and Capannelle

Second Shuttle - 7pm

- 7:00pm - First stop at the airport

- 7:30pm - Second stop at the Florence Train station

- 8:45-9pm - Shuttle will drop off guests at the Radda hotels (Palazzo Leopoldo, San Niccolo, and CDH Radda)

Friday, June 10 - Welcome Dinner

- 5:30pm - Bus will leave from Radda Hotels (Palazzo Leopoldo & San Niccolo and CDH Radda) and come to Lo Sfizio Pizzeria in Gaiole in Chianti

- 5:45pm - Van will leave from Capannelle to Lo Sfizio Pizzeria

- 10:30pm - All shuttles will leave from Lo Sfizio Pizzeria and return to all hotels

Saturday, June 11 - Ceremony & Reception

Getting to Capannelle

- There will be 2 shuttles, making 2 different trips (4 trips total) from the Radda Hotels to Capannelle for the Wedding Ceremony

- The first 2 shuttles will leave the Radda Hotels at 3:30pm and reach Capannelle by 3:45pm

- The shuttle will be back to the Radda Hotels by 4:00pm and come back to drop off guests by 4:15pm

- The ceremony will start at 4:30pm once all guests have arrived and gotten settled in

- To help take out some of the guess-work of the numbers for the shuttles, we’ve assigned shuttle groups. Look at the chart below for full breakdown.

- Group 1 - Family members will take the first shuttles at 3:30pm from CDH Radda

- Group 2 - Friends will take the second round of shuttles at 4:00pm from each of the Radda Hotels

Returning to Radda Hotels

- Vans will be returning to the Radda hotels from 11pm through 1am with the last shuttle departing at 1am

Sunday, June 12 - Chianti to Florence

We know a lot of folks have flights and trains out of Florence on Sunday, and our goal is to make sure we get everyone back in time for your travel plans

- 10:00am - shuttles begin taking Capannelle guests to the center of town in Gaiole, where they will board the main bus

- 10:30am - bus arrives at Radda Hotels and pick up guests

- ~12pm - bus arrives at Florence Airport

- 12:30pm - bus arrives at Florence Train Station


Welcome Dinner

Friday, June 10, 2022
6:00 PM
Lo Sfizio
72 Via Bettino Ricasoli, Gaiole In Chianti, Toscana, 53013, Italy
Attire: Dressy Casual

Wedding Day

June 11, 2022
4:00 PM
13 Località Capannelle, Toscana, 53013, Italy
Attire: Formal
Wedding theme: Summer Pastels

We're very excited to invite you to our wedding! After a crazy year and who knows what ahead, we're looking forward to being able to celebrate our love with you all.


We know at least the two of us have been dying to travel and look forward to a little bit of adventure in hosting you all in the Tuscan countryside!

We are getting married in the village of Chianti (Province of Siena), which is located about 1 hour outside of Florence, Italy. The event will be hosted at Capannelle, a beautiful winery along the scenic sprawling hillside of the Chianti wine region.

Additional information and travel logistics will be updated on the “Travel” page of the site.


The safety of our guests is very important. We’ll be monitoring how COVID plays out in case anything needs to be adjusted but hope we’ll be past all of this by June '22.

We completely understand if you are unable to make it for any reason.

Otherwise, looking forward to celebrating with you all next year!

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