We are so excited to celebrate our marriage with friends and family! Please join us for our vow renewal ceremony and reception.

Melanie & Jeff

July 9, 2021 • Menifee, CA, USA

We are so excited to celebrate our marriage with friends and family! Please join us for our vow renewal ceremony and reception.

Melanie & Jeff

July 9, 2021 • Menifee, CA, USA

Our Story

How They Met

Jeff and Melanie first met in 2015 at the busiest restaurant in California - Rainforest Cafe! A little background story is that although Jeff had already been working there, Melanie needed a new part time job to help her through college. Melanie remembers walking through Downtown Disney, asking if any restaurants were hiring as well as dropping off applications. She was ready to take any job. Rainforest Cafe was the only restaurant to seriously interview her and eventually give her the job as a Tour Guide (Hostess).

Jeff was a Safari Guide (Server) and took notice of Melanie. Jeff would constantly say, "Hi" to Melanie in the break room, on the floor, etc. Melanie remembers other employees asking, "Where's my 'hi' Jeff?" This made Melanie smile and feel special.

Melanie thought it would be a bold move to visit Jeff with her friends at work. This meant that Melanie had to go to her coworkers, put her name down, and awkwardly ask to sit in Jeff's section. Melanie was with her friends Roxy (Matron of Honor) and Alex. Melanie felt like she was putting herself out there and almost didn't go through with it. In addition, the wait was around two hours!

Jeff was waiting his entire shift to see Melanie sit in his section. Hours had gone by and he was beginning to think she wouldn't show up. Finally, Melanie and her friends were seated at table 512. When Jeff approached the table, the first people he saw were Roxy and Alex. He thought to himself, another table and no Melanie.

Jeff turned his head and had to catch his breath, it was Melanie! This moment was different for Jeff because Melanie had her hair down. At work, women are required to have their hair in a ponytail or bun so having her hair down. Jeff finally saw Melanie and Melanie finally had the guts to put herself out there.

Roxy and Alex approved of Jeff and his charming good looks. When Jeff would walk away from the table, Melanie's friends kept saying that they were googly eyed for each other!

From there, Melanie and Jeff knew they had feelings for each other. They made their relationship official on February 10th, 2015.

They have been through many trials, joys, and hardships. Nothing will beat the love and respect they share for one another as well as their faithfulness to God.

God has blessed Melanie and Jeff in many ways and they feel so honored to be getting married on July 17, 2020.

The Proposal

In April 2019, Jeff and Melanie were visiting family in Oregon and began to go ring shopping! Melanie was not expecting to fall in love with a ring so quickly as it was their first jewelry store they visited - Shane Company. This was also the first time Melanie had ever been in a jeweler store so this was a very intimidating experience. Once they got back home in California, Jeff later asked for her Dad's blessing to have her hand in marriage.

In July 2019, Jeff and Melanie took their first major road trip together to Sun River, Oregon. The plan was to vacation with family in celebration of some birthdays. Happy birthday Ron and Linda!

Jeff asked if Melanie can pack a picnic dress for the trip. What's a picnic dress? Melanie's suspicions were rising but did not want to get her hopes up. Later, Jeff and Melanie set off to have their special picnic. When they got there, Jeff took Melanie's hand and starting walking her to a blanket that had their pictures on there, rose petals on the ground, and a bottle of pinot noir.

Melanie noticed Jeff's fingers trembling as he reached for his phone to play some music. Jeff played Marry Me by Train. Jeff took Melanie's hand and spoke about their journey together, how far they have come, and how much he loves her. Good thing they were both wearing sunglasses, the tears were everywhere!

On July 17, 2019, Jeff went down on one knee and asked Melanie if she would marry him.

Guess what, she said YES!!