Michelle & Dale

September 21, 2019Savannah, GA

Our Story

Dale and Michelle met at a Seether Show in Chicago in September of 2012. He was rocking out and she was in the crowd. In between songs he asked her to join him for a drink after the concert. She agreed and they hit it off. Now here they are almost 7 years later.

The Wedding

Saturday, September 21, 2019
6:00 PM
Attire: Semi-Formal Attire

The Wedding Ceremony will be held at The Perry Lane Ballroom Terrace with the reception immediately following in the Ballroom.

Wedding Party

Cindy Janssens - Bridesmaid

Cindy likes Dim sum and watching Korean Dramas.

Crystal Coulson - Bridesmaid

Crystal is always off on an adventure. You never know where she's planning to hit up next. A total Wild spirit.

Miriam Kerns - Bridesmaid

Miriam and Michelle have been friends since 2001 when Michelle moved to Indiana from Ca. You can't tell by looking at her but she enjoys being all things geeky and fully embraces it.

Chris Mulloy - Bridesmaid

Chris will not put up with your shit. She will tell you exactly what you need to hear. She enjoys traveling, baking, and not being around people.

Jasmine Mitchell - Bridesmaid

Jasmine likes to paint and spend time with her daughter Dahlia.

Jordan Kirby - Maid of Honor

Jordan enjoys working out and making weird dance comedy clips. She's allergic to anything that doesn't taste good.

Shaun Welgemoed - Best Man

Shaun likes guns, making music, and has never come across an exotic meat he didn't like.

Marc LaCorte - Groomsman

Marc's favorite things in life are Don Cuoco's and Racing.

"If ya aint first..your last!" -Ricky Bobby

John Humphrey - Groomsman

Johnny likes Elvis, cereal, and MASH reruns.

Corey Lowery - Groomsman

Corey likes music, Kung Fu, and will always give you tickets to the GUN SHOW!