Nevin & Patrick

March 1, 2020 • La Jolla, CA

Nevin & Patrick

March 1, 2020 • La Jolla, CA

Our Story

How We Met

Picture of How We Met

Patrick was living in San Diego at the time, and Nevin was living in Seattle. Being the cold, rainy city that Seattle is, Nevin decided to go on a girls trip to San Diego to get some much needed sunshine and barefoot time on the beach.

When she arrived to San Diego, she went straight to her airbnb and her friend told her about two very nice gentleman she met: Adrian, and his very handsome friend, Patrick.

Everyone parted ways, and one month later, Nevin decided to add this very handsome man who she only heard about in passing named Patrick Hussion, on instagram.

2 seconds later, Patrick wrote to Nevin...."Nice to meet you, Nevin :) It seems like you're doing a lot of good for the world!" They never looked back.

A week later, Patrick booked a ticket to visit Nevin in Seattle. On the top of a mountain, on their very first hike together, Patrick said "Will you marry me already?!" They both laughed, but they both knew. When you know, you know!

As you can imagine.... this lead to many, many plane tickets to and from Seattle and San Diego and hundreds of hours spent on FaceTime, until Patrick popped the question. Those that know Patrick best know he's old-fashioned and traditional, so he got down on one knee on a drizzly Seattle day, and said some of the most beautiful things Nevin had ever heard. She of course, said yes. The rest is history!

Our Life on the Beach

Picture of Our Life on the Beach

Since the engagement....Patrick and Nevin drove from Seattle, down the Highway 101, making stops all along the way through Washington, Oregon and Northern California... one of the most beautiful drives. They currently live in La Jolla, with their dog Maggie and two cats Cooper and Wall-E. With the grace of God and a LOT of work, they started a chiropractic wellness practice in the village of La Jolla. Patrick continues to anchor the evening news and also helps his beautiful wifey doctor fiance (written by Patrick) behind the scenes. Every morning they make sure to start the day with a barefoot walk on the beach.