Proposal Story

When Peaches and Julian first started dating, she told him she loved long walks on the glacier by her house. But since settling into their relationship, they'd both put on a little… hibernation weight. (Or as Sid called it, "love blubber.") He couldn't even remember the last time they played their favorite mammoth sport (squash, of course).

Still, he knew the top of Lovers' Peak would be the perfect place to propose, and anyway - he was sick of feeling like the elephant in the room everywhere he went. A little exercise would be good for them.

Grabbing Peaches and a pair of hiking hooves, they climbed toward the top, and when they finally got there, Julian said—between gasps for air—that all he wanted to do was shout about their love from the mountaintops. "I LOVE PEACHES!" he screamed, and pulled out the ring.

Suddenly, they heard a strange rumbling sound and the ground began to shake. "Did you forget to eat lunch?" Julian asked, thinking it was Peaches' stomach. Just then a giant avalanche – caused by Julian's yell – came crashing down the mountain, taking the two mammoths with it!

They fell head-over-hoof in the speeding snow, Julian's ring going airborne before lodging in his nose. When they finally hit the bottom, Peaches noticed the glimmering diamond in his nostril.

"Looks like you got a little junk in your trunk," she said, grabbing the ring and putting it on—and she hasn't taken it off since!

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