Ruth & Dale

December 7, 2019Washington, DC

The Wedding

Saturday, December 7, 2019
1:00 PM
Attire: Formal Wear
Kellogg Conference Hotel at Gallaudet University, Swindells Auditorium
800 Florida Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA
4:00 PM @ Peikoff Alunmi Hall, "Ole Jim" at Gallaudet University
800 Florida Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA
Our Story
"Love Fell Into Me"

I had always been afraid of falling in love and had guarded myself viciously against it, but God is so clever, he had love fall into me! It stumbled upon me in the most beautiful way. My friendship with Dale was an adventure. He started as a guy who always seemed to make me laugh at church, then he became a trusted friend whose walk with God called me higher. I admired his resilience, loyalty, and servitude. As time progressed, I watched him grow in leaps and bounds in humility, wisdom, selflessness perseverance and Godliness. I remember a conversation I had with a close friend when I said, "I don't like anyone at all, but if It's God's plan for me to get married, I want my husband to be exactly like Dale". Little did I know..... my husband would BE Dale. I can't wait to be Mrs. Bryant.

- Ruth

"A Best Friend for Life"

It all started June 7, 2015 when I moved from Santa Barbara, California to Washington DC and met Ruth Guteng at church. I had just rolled in after a weeklong journey driving across the country! During the church announcements Ruth heard that I had crashed and totaled my car (everyone involved was completely okay) on the journey. When church service was over, many came on stage to inquire and console those involved and Ruth was one of them. Getting a little bored of answering the same question of: "Are you okay?" I saw her as the perfect one to make things fun by throwing out a joke and acting like I still had a massive crick in my neck, only allowing me to look to the right. She was immediately shocked and urgently took a few steps to my right, so I could see her more easily! I suddenly broke character and we both busted up laughing! Our friendship had started. Over the years our friendship continued to flourish and our individual relationships with God solidified. We began to work together to lead bible discussion groups on universities, mentor young adults, and eventually lead an entire campus ministry overseeing 6 college campuses in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. From the numerous light-hearted laughs and funky quirks - we both have! – to the deep, intellectual, and emotional conversations we’ve entertained, there is no doubt that God has placed Ruth in my life to be my best friend for life. I will love her forever and look forward to all of the new adventures on the way! As many have said….our story has just begun…

- Dale

Wedding Party

Naomi Guteng - Maid of Honor
Amanda Amankwa - Bridesmaid
Santana McGruder - Bridesmaid
Anaiah Hodge - Bridesmaid
Anissia Maldonado - Bridesmaid
Orianna Sanborn-Pruiett - Bridesmaid
Janette Nelson - Matron of Honor
Richie McDonnell - Best Man
Shane Fisher - Groomsman
Marvell Holder - Groomsman
Marcel Turner - Groomsman
Steven Brault - Groomsman
Simon Guteng Jr. - Groomsman
Joshua Galindo - Groomsman