Sarah & John

June 6, 2021Philadelphia, PA

Our Story
Our Story

John and Sarah met in 2015 as 1Ls at Villanova Law School. (Reasonable minds differ on whether they met first in the library or as opponents on the beer pong table at the first law school party).

After the last exam of first semester, John asked Sarah to the movies (not a date). Two weeks later, John asked Sarah on their first date to the Philadelphia Art Museum.

Sarah brought John home a month later to meet the family and the rest is history. With Chloe the pug's blessing, John proposed on a weekend trip to Rhode Island in August 2019.

The Wedding

Attire: Black Tie Optional
The Downtown Club
600 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA, 19106
The Downtown Club
600 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA, 19106
Other Events

Welcome Bash: Cookout/Pool Party
Friday, June 4, 2021
5:30 PM
Attire: Casual + Swimwear
Leslie Mickles (mother of the groom) has graciously offered her newly renovated home to kick off the wedding weekend! If you are in town early, come for a casual night and get to know the other guests. The pool and hot tub will be open as well as a fire pit, lawn games, and fully furnished outdoor kitchen. Bring your swimwear/towels and your appetite! Address: 1 Crescent Hill Drive, Havertown, PA 19083. Parking: Plenty of street parking, but please do not block neighbor's driveways.
Wedding Party

Kaitlyn Macaulay - Maid of Honor

Kaitlyn and Sarah were assigned as partners on Villanova's Moot Court team, but quickly became friends and "work wives". They bonded over all aspects of competition: brief writing, passing encouraging notes mid-round, and after arguing in the Supreme Court of Louisiana, celebrating on Bourbon Street with more than one hurricane.

Melisa Buchowiec - Bridesmaid

Melisa and Sarah met in law school while competing together on the Moot Court team. Melisa is famous for lending an ear, giving sage advice, and always being prepared with a cheese board for a girls night. Melisa is single-handedly responsible for getting Sarah to have more fun.

Matthew Burke - Bridesman

Matthew Sable Burke: bridesman, international man of mystery and Sarah's younger brother. While he is typically found correcting a backswing or out-driving everyone on the golf course, on the wedding day, he will be standing next to his older sister thinking of what jokes to make at her expense at the reception.

Bridget Geiran - Bridesmaid

Bridget, comedienne extraordinaire, and Sarah met at Catholic University. They both wrote for the college newspaper, reviewed D.C. theater, and researched for their Irish Literature seminar at the nearby Irish pub, Nanny O'Brien's.

Megan (Mickles) Levan - Bridesmaid

Megan is John's older sister and Sarah's future sister in law! Megan and Sarah bonded over a love of game nights, musicals, food, and teasing John Mickles.

Lauren Moore - Bridesmaid

Borrowing a phrase from Hamilton, "You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind."

Lauren and Sarah have been best friends for over fifteen years since performing together in the eighth grade play. Through thick and thin, Lauren has been there for theater trips, struggling through AP Latin, many cups of coffee at Seven Stars, and a love of being fiercely competitive. (Lauren recently reminded Sarah that they went a whole day without speaking after a particularly devastating loss on the volleyball court during a high school cast party).

Colleen Neary - Bridesmaid

Colleen and Sarah met working together at a restaurant during summers in Rhode Island. On days off, they could always be found on Green Hill Beach or having a cookout at Colleen's house. Sarah's favorite memories with Colleen include sneaking pink prosecco into the movie theater, kayaking on Narrow River (RIP to Blanche's fender), taking Colleen to her first Broadway show, and singing to the kitchen staff on very slow nights.

Robert S. Turchick - Best Man

Although Bob and John first met in law school through mutual friends, they grew a stronger friendship when Bob was assigned to be John’s mentor on Villanova Law Review. Bob’s initial mentorship has evolved into an everlasting and loyal friendship, one that they both cherish and enjoy over a happy hour beer. In such a short time, Bob has become someone John admires and appreciates, and will likely be John’s future chief of staff. For these reasons, and many more, John felt it only right that Bob be the best man.

Richard J. Elles III - Groomsman

Rich and John’s friendship stems from many similarities and inner competitions, whether being back-to-back Presidents of Pi Kappa Alpha, consultants for the international fraternity, a part of the British band, the “Ramacondas,” great beer pong players, or recent nerds over Axis and Allies. Rich and John have shared many stories, experiences, and journeys over the years, including NBA 2k battles, 2 v. 2 78 cup, or Rich and Byron ending Law & Orders League career. John greatly respects Rich’s ability to continuously strive and accomplish his goals. Although Rich is a Cowboys fan, he has always been a friend that John admires and can rely on, and John is thankful for their friendship.

Byron A. Forte - Groomsman

Byron and John’s first interaction was a physical one in which John planted a legal, but blindsided, block on Byron in a pledge/brother fraternity touch football game, tearing Byron’s ACL. It still remains a mystery whether Byron actually voted for John to join the fraternity after that moment. Nevertheless, the two have fostered a friendship beyond the fraternity, leading to both being in each other’s bridal parties, sharing a love for Zahav, and waiting for Byron to get his revenge (other than ending John’s beer pong career with Rich). In addition to Byron’s witty remarks, John values his long friendship with Byron, and has high regards for his ability to cook, his role as a husband to Tori, and watching Byron continue to succeed in his career and life in general.

Christopher J. Gage - Groomsman

Although Gage and John are brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha, these two esquires solidified a friendship as roommates in the fraternity house one summer. Dramatically stealing Gage from his beer pong partnership with Ty, John and Gage formed the deadly duo of “Law & Order,” wreaking havoc on Tuesday nights at League. While only one is arguably a huge dude, both share an interest in fancy team handshakes, sinking the last cup, and getting the British band back together with the “Ramacondas.” Since their college days, Gage has taken his cut throat beer pong skills and become a deadly, yet just, prosecutor in Florida. Despite being miles apart, John is grateful for his friendship with Gage, and looks forward to celebrating his special day with Jeanine this November.

Leo B. Homler - Groomsman

Leo and John first met through a simple Facebook message when John was looking for an extra roommate in college. While Leo may be a polarizing figure as “Wet Money,” Leo and John share an unexpected bond beyond being brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha. Leo has always been a supportive and loyal friend to John during the trials and tribulations of life, whether relationship breakups, over indulging in Four Lokos, and more. Despite John ruining the finale of Big Love and seeing Green Lantern without Leo, the two share a brother relationship and a love for quoting movies and movie dates to Riverview theater in Philadelphia. There is only one word that can explain John’s deep friendship with Leo: respect.

Ryan I. Kelly - Groomsman

While some law school students befriend their civil procedure teaching assistant for romantic favors, Ryan’s initial interest in John was solely for his law school outlines. This once business and mentorship relationship has flourished into a tremendous friendship between the two. Beyond an interest in the law and politics, both share a desire for Philadelphia sports, lovely dinner dates with one another, and Soul Cycle. Since their law school days, Ryan and John have both just started their young and promising careers in the law, and John looks forward to watching and supporting Ryan’s future accomplishments.

Daniel J. Santosusso - Groomsman

Dan receives the award for longest friendship with John. Both unexpectedly became friends while taking Italian classes together in high school. While some may learn a language to impress a woman, Dan and John continued to learn Italian to speak witty banter to one another. Dan and John have always remained strong friends over the 15 years, which has led to countless stories from going through high school, sharing Phillies season tickets, and taking a two-week trip to Italy, some of which they do not remember thanks to the limencello. John looks forward to the many future stories he will experience with Dan in the future decades to come, including another European trip.

Tyler E. Scharff - Groomsman

Ty and John’s friendship was signed, sealed, and delivered from the beginning, as they were pledge class brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha, leading to many stories through pledging, the fraternity, and college. While each of their journeys to practice law has kept them more than occupied, John continues to value Ty’s loyalty, guidance, and support as Ty has always been a friend during the good and bad of life. Ty is someone John is incredibly proud to call a friend as Ty continues to serve our country, become an incredible attorney, and an even better husband to Alissa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will masks be required?

Masks will be required for guests entering the venue and exiting the venue. Masks are not required when the ceremony begins and continuing through the evening.

Will there be any COVID-related changes to the wedding?

We continue to monitor and abide by the guidance provided by the CDC and local Philadelphia guidelines.

All servers and bartenders will be masked for the duration of the evening, food service will ensure single-serve utensils, cocktail hour food will be passed rather than buffet, etc.

With regard to seating, tables will have no more than ten guests and placed further away from each other than normal.

Additionally, the room will be under 50% capacity.

How do I RSVP?

Select the "RSVP" tab at the top of the website. Type in your name, and guest's name, if applicable, and select your invitation.

Is there a dress code?

Dress code for the evening is black tie optional. Tuxedos and gowns are welcomed, but not necessary. Formal suits and cocktail dresses are otherwise appropriate.

When will the valet be available?

Valet will be available beginning at 2:30 pm, two hours before the ceremony begins.

What time should I arrive?

The ceremony begins sharply at 4:30. Doors will open at 4:00 with a welcome toast for early guests.

How long is the celebration?

The ceremony is from 4:30 to 5:00 p.m., followed up by a cocktail hour (and a half) until 6:30 p.m. Dinner, drinks, and dancing will follow until 11:00 p.m.