Siobhan & Evan

September 28, 2019San Francisco, CA, USA

Our Story
Siobhan “Nakiganda” & Evan “Muganza” got married in an African Tribal Wedding at Clinic in Uganda

as Evan tells it…

We met in a dirty pizza shop.

We were friends at first.


Things became romantic.

We fell in love.

And now...

We're getting married again!

as Siobhan tells it...

“Evan and I choose each other each day, and we choose to create what we consider partnership and marriage look like. We customize that to our core values and plan to build our marriage around them,” Siobhan says of their special day.

I have finally found a true partner in LOVE. I have no words for how special this time has been and how amazing this man truly is in our world. My intention is to continue to giggle and love each other as we CHOOSE each other each morning and for many mornings to come!

Evan and I officially married to the Divine in each other since July 31st, 2017! Now we will celebrate and have our wedding in the U.S. on September 28th, 2019, with our dearest families and friends.

“The universe made this magical connection happen. It was beautiful. All the things I wasn’t planning, something bigger was planning it for me,” Siobhan muses about the Uganda wedding of her dreams. In the yard of the OneMama clinic in Uganda Africa, of all places – the place she built with sweat and tears and now here she was committing her life to her partner, her best friend, and the guy that came into her life right when she least expected it.

We participated in a traditional wedding in Uganda – the perfect way to celebrate the love between the two of us. We were surrounded by the OneMama village, the OneMama community. We wore traditional wedding garments and danced with our friends that over years have become family and with the children we work year round to help thrive. Thousands of miles from our homeland, we leapt into this next phase of our life... together, surrounded by love, music, and yes, a cow (the gift that inspired a dowry gift for Mama Jamira). It was organic and natural and perfectly us in the rhythm of life. Perfectly Siobhan and Evan.

The Beach Wedding & Reception Outdoors on Sand SEPT 28th Saturday

Saturday, September 28, 2019
3:30 PM
Attire: Dressy Casual - see below details
Ceremony and Reception
China Beach
340, Sea Cliff Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121, United States

The Wedding Ceremony & Reception:

  • Ceremony starts at 3:30pm at China Beach, on the beach in the sand
  • Immediately following begins the reception at 4:30pm until sunset at China Beach, on the beach in the sand
  • The beach celebration will begin with the ceremony in the afternoon and be immediately followed with a "Outdoor Boho Beach Family Style Dinner" reception in the sand with everyone all together.
  • There are stairs down to the beach, but an accessible winding road/ramp is also available for those who cannot take stairs.
  • Seating will be on bamboo mats on the sand with bamboo pillows. During the reception, tables will be available however seating is still on the mats.
  • We kindly ask that if you live locally in San Francisco that you bring a dish to share for the outdoor reception family style dinner. If you are traveling to join us, we will have food there so no need for that extra step of bringing a dish.

What to WEAR and Bring:
  • We are asking people to wear dressy casual - this is not mandatory, just suggested.
  • Men wear white shirts and khaki pants.
  • Women wear pinks and/or purples, if they have them.
  • Please also remember to wear sunscreen.
  • Remember that here in San Francisco the weather can change drastically in a few hours so be sure to have a cover up or jacket on hand just in case.
  • Please if you are a SF local, try to bring a dish or drink to add to the celebration. (We will have some food and drinks there but want to make sure we have enough.)

  • There is a free parking lot at this beach, however, it most likely will be full and difficult to find open spaces. We encourage our guests to use a taxi, uber, lyft or have friends drop you off.

Most important is you come and enjoy the celebration!