Tayanna & Ean

November 9, 2019Kansas City, MO

Our Story
Our "Meet Cute"

Ean messaged Tayanna on January 4th, 2016 on OkCupid (which Tayanna will now finally admit to).

They talked about the places they'd like to travel and all about Ean's garden and Tayanna's fun & fancy new adult job.

They went on their first date February 14, 2016 to see Deadpool on theaters. They both agreed their first date being on V-Day was "no big deal" and there was "no pressure"

They went on a date every week after that and their first "I Love You"s took place watching the only good Cinderella (the one with Whitney Houston) after Ean bought Tayanna her first flowers ever. She cried a lot. Which Tayanna is not known to do.

Fast forward 2.8 years and Ean proposed in their living room after Tayanna came home from photographing a wedding in St. Louis. Muhch as Ean IS known to do, he remembered the fact that Don Quixote was her favorite Spanish novel and dressed up as the bumbling "knight" to ask her to slay dragons forever with him.

She said yes, and that's how we landed here.

The Wedding

Saturday, November 9, 2019
6:00 PM
Ceremony and Reception
La Villa

Hi Friends! We are choosing to have an adults only wedding! We are keeping our guest list fairly small and would love for you to have a stress free wedding experience. There will be plenty of alcohol and a lengthy open dance, so bring your dancing shoes and call the sitter!

Thank you so much for understanding and we can't wait to party with y'all!

Wedding Party

Niccy - Matron of Honor

Niccy has been Tayanna's best friend since college! They first bonded over a band no one knows the name of or cares about anymore and still talk on the phone once a day every day. Tayanna most fondly refers to Niccy as her "Jiminy Cricket" for her level head and pure heart.

Josie - Matron of Honor

Josie and Tayanna became best friends the very first day of college. She accidentally bumped a huge rug into her door and Tayanna's grandpa was chatting up and befriending the whole hall. They both majored in photography and Freshman year was full of making memories and traditions that have carried into 2019.

Taylor - Bridesmaid

Taylor and Tayanna have been best friends for 25+ years. Their moms were best friends growing up and they were the typical "you ask my mom, she'll say no to me" type of kids. They made businesses together, put together concerts, and dressed alike on several occasions. They were even roommates in college. Their friendship has aged like a fine wine.

Kaya - Bridesmaid

Kaya is Tayanna's "baby" sister. Kaya and Tayanna were inseparable for as long as they lived in the same house. They've shared a million and one laughs and now Tayanna is just in complete and utter awe of how much Kaya has grown. She's a super talented Graphic Design artist in college who is making big things happen.

Audrey - Bridesmaid

Audrey is Ean's little sister! She has impeccable music taste, just graduated pre-law from UMKC, and is a complete spitfire of a human being. Tayanna's super excited to have her as a sister.

Elizabeth - Bridesmaid

Elizabeth is another of Tayanna's #bestiesfortheresties and their favorite past time in Spice Girls Dragtacular. Elizabeth and Tayanna met when she modeled for Tayanna a couple years ago! They've been inseparable since and their boyfriends really wish they would stop being so extra together.