Joe & Miranda

March 21, 2021 • Santa Cruz, CA

Joe & Miranda

March 21, 2021 • Santa Cruz, CA

COVID Protocols

Getting engaged and planning a wedding during a pandemic is not something we ever expected to be doing. In light of the pandemic we have only invited a very small number of people to attend our wedding in person. This was not an easy decision to make, either to invite anyone at all and ask them to take on some risk, or to have a wedding where not all of our friends and family would be able to join us. We are grateful for the opportunity to see family we’ve not see in a year, and to bring together our two families, who have not had the chance to meet yet because of the pandemic. We are aware that any time people of diverse households gather there is risk. We have made decisions in planning the weekend events with an eye toward mitigating that risk, and we are asking all our guests to help us stay as safe as possible. Below is a checklist of COVID precautions we are asking guests to abide by, followed by a more detailed explanation and rationale.

Protocol Checklist

Three weeks prior to the wedding (March 1)

Schedule a covid testing appointment

The week before the wedding

Take a COVID test between Monday, March 15th and Wednesday March 17th

Email Miranda or Joe your results

At the wedding

All wedding related activities will take place outdoors. To reduce risk even further we ask that you:

Keep your mask on unless you are eating

Sit with your household when eating

Keep your mask on when indoors even if you are just going to the restroom

Maintain 6 feet distance between households

Follow instructions for serving and handling food

Wash your hands often

Wave instead of shaking hands

Act as if you or others may be contagious

Have fun and connect with friends and family!

After the wedding

If you have symptoms please let us know, get tested, and send the results asap


In order to reduce the risk of exposure we are asking all wedding attendees to take a PCR-based covid test approximately 48 hours prior to the wedding weekend (between Monday, March 15th and Wednesday March 17th). Please be sure that your test can deliver results within 2 days. We will be posting testing options in LA on this website.

Though we will miss you deeply, if you test positive or are experiencing symptoms we ask you to please not join us at wedding events. We will connect you to the livestream for the tisch and ceremony. If you are traveling from the east coast, we suggest you get tested a few days prior to takeoff to reduce the chances that you will be flying with COVID or that you will be carrying it while you are in LA (and will need to quarantine here in your hotel).

Wedding Protocols

Because it is possible to have COVID and test negative (for example, because the virus is in an early incubation stage, or because of exposure subsequent to the test date), we are asking all guests to operate as if contagion is possible at the wedding.

We have scheduled all wedding events to take place outdoors. We ask that guests not congregate indoors during the wedding weekend. (It will be cold outside in the evenings, so please bring a warm coat.)

We ask that all guests wear a quality face covering/mask at all times during wedding activities, except when seated for eating and drinking. We will be seating wedding guests by household during the ceremony and reception. Joe and Miranda will not be wearing face coverings during the ceremony. The officiant and all guests will be placed at least six feet from the chuppah.

We ask that guests try to maintain a 6 foot distance between each other when hanging out. We know this isn’t always possible, which is why we are asking you to stay masked while in public spaces.

We ask that guests frequently wash hands and use provided hand sanitizer.

During COVID there are no safe gatherings, only “safer” gatherings, which is why these guidelines are so important. We know that by practicing these protocols we can reduce the possibility of transmission, and that we cannot eliminate that possibility entirely. We’re grateful to all of you for sharing in that risk. It is a testament to how deeply we are loved that you would choose to take on some risk to join us in this celebration. And, in order to respect the risk we are all taking on, we ask that you stringently adhere to these guidelines while at the wedding to minimize that risk as much as possible.


We are aware that all of this planning hinges on the contingency that it is relatively safe to travel and that outdoor dining will continue to be allowed in Los Angeles. We will be tracking COVID numbers and LA county regulations. We are hopeful that in March COVID case numbers and local regulations allow us to proceed with the wedding.

Our main wedding events on Saturday and Sunday are being designed with remote participation in mind. If you are among the immediate family invited to these events in person, and you cannot join us because travel is unsafe, we will miss your presence, and we will include you via remote participation. If outdoor dining is shut down, or if we estimate it is no longer relatively safe, we may relocate the ceremony and reception, only hold a ceremony without a reception, get married with everyone remote, or shift the wedding date entirely. One thing we have learned during this pandemic is that we can only make decisions based on the information in front of us, and we will do so as the wedding date nears.

Our primary concern in all of this is for the safety and wellbeing of our most beloved friends and family. If you have questions or would like to discuss any part of these plans, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Joe and Miranda.