Our Story
How we met, Sara's story

Jeff and I had seen each other at work but didn't really meet until we started taking the bus together. I saw him standing at the bus stop with another person from work and went over to say hi. I don't know for sure if maybe he didn't hear me, or the other person standing there just blocked me but I got ignored and so got on the bus. When Jeff got on the bus I promptly punched him in the arm and called him a jerk for ignoring me. After that he always said hi . We sat together on the bus and bet on how many Queens students would have trouble figuring out how to use the door to the bus, or go catch a movie if we got out of work early.

How we met, Jeff's Story

I got on a bus and a girl from work punched me. I had no idea why at the time, and I still kinda have no idea why;The punch hurt. I kept saying hi to her whenever I saw her so she didn't punch me again. Eventually just saying hi and walking away got awkward so it became more than just saying hi. Fast forward a bit and she used her 12 steps to get me to say the phrase 'I love you', and the rest is history.

The Wedding

Saturday, June 9, 2018
3:00 PM
Attire: As fancy as you feel.
Ceremony and Reception
Art Gallery of Alberta
2 Sir Winston Churchill Sq, Edmonton, AB T5J 2C1, Canada

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Other Events

Sunday Brunch
Sunday, June 10, 2018
11:00 AM
State & Main
10065 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 3B1, Canada

Join us for a casual Brunch, at State and Main. RSVP to be added to the reservation.